Join us in Viridian’s next chapter!

Welcome! You are here because someone asked you to take a look at what’s new with Viridian. We have been focused on creating a foundation for the next exciting chapter in our growth story and would love to welcome you to join us. Maybe you have been a Viridian Associate for years and simply haven’t had the time to grow your business recently, or you were once an Associate but took some time off to focus on other things. Either way, we would love to have you join us in this next stage.

Since 2009, we’ve connected with hundreds of thousands of customers and have paid out more than $100 million in commissions to the tens of thousands of Associates who have helped us create those connections. But we’re just getting started.

In July of 2016, Viridian started a long-term strategy to grow the company substantially – creating a global, world-class network marketing company. We’ve been laser focused on creating the right foundation and are now truly ready to begin our next, exciting chapter. Here are just a few things we’ve accomplished since July and a few reasons we would love to have you back!

checkmarkNew management team

checkmarkGrowing product portfolio

checkmarkGrowing international company

checkmarkSimple, powerful compensation plan

checkmarkConsistent, powerful mission

1. New management team. Singular focus.

paul-boothIn July 2016, under the leadership of new CEO, Paul Booth, we took Viridian private, creating a stand-alone company focused on building a world-class network marketing opportunity. No longer simply a department or “channel” within a larger publicly-held energy company, Viridian International Management can now grow outside of any boundaries we had previously. While we will continue to partner with companies like Crius Energy to provide products to our sales force, our primary focus is growing the opportunity for our passionate Associates.

Our CEO has more than 30 years experience in network marketing – having succeeded as a representative, in corporate roles and as a vendor to the industry. He’s the perfect blend – a technology expert who loves to talk bits and bytes, but also a truly strategic individual who is passionate about everyone’s individual strengths, passions and stories.

camiOur management team includes experts like Cami Boehme, who has been with Viridian since 2010, carefully stewarding the company’s brand, mission and vision through many changes. She is focused on expanding the company – bringing new markets and new products to our Associates while staying true to the heart and soul of what Viridian has always represented.

Cami is joined on the management team by Robert A. McFadden and Charla Gervers, who have combined experience of more than 50 years in the industry. While Robert leads the charge working with our Associates in Australia and Charla supports our Associates here in the U.S., the two work hand in hand to support and develop our field. Charla and Robert are both passionate advocates of the industry, experts in what drives momentum and are completely dedicated to supporting our Associates at every turn. Time zones don’t matter for these two who are happy to work with anyone growing their Viridian business – regardless the time of day or country!

2. New, growing product portfolio. No boundaries.

airplaneViridian is growing our product portfolio. Energy remains a significant part of our portfolio, and of course solar power in many states. But we have now added an innovative offering in the world of travel – an $8 Trillion industry ripe for innovation. Our customers can travel completely carbon neutral, and save some money doing it! Virtually everyone loves to travel so Travel Light product makes it simple for you to grow a business everywhere.

Travel was our first product with no boundaries – but it’s the first of many. We’re not stopping there. Viridian is committed to bringing more and more Sustainable Lifestyle products to our customers and associates – we want everyone to be able to make simple everyday choices more sustainably. And we want our Associates to be able to grow their businesses helping people everywhere do just that.

3. Growing, international company. Just getting started.

australian-mapLast fall, Viridian started its global expansion with our first international market going live for customer enrollment. Launching in Australia was the perfect start to our international growth story. Some people ask us why we didn’t expand closer to home since that may have been logistically easier. But we knew that the energy market was vibrant in Australia. More importantly, we knew the culture was a perfect match for Viridian. Just a few months later, we can see this in action – our Aussie Associates have quickly grasped our mission, vision and excitement, exemplifying what Generation V means all the way around the globe! We offer energy and travel and plan to expand our product portfolio to other Sustainable Lifestyle products soon.

Australia is just the first stop in Viridian’s international expansion. We plan to bring a life Powered by Purpose to entrepreneurs around the world.

4. New, simplified & powerful compensation plan. Supports rapid expansion.

We believe that building a world-class network marketing organization requires a compensation plan that supports growth, creates unity and teamwork and supports the products and services we offer. That’s why, under our new CEO’s leadership, and in collaboration with our top field leaders, we have completely re-engineered our new compensation plan for a new era. Relying on the time-tested and powerful base of a binary compensation plan, we have created a simple, unique and powerful plan that will allow anyone to focus on building a long-term, robust and sustainable income.

Our new compensation plan is simple to understand and creates a simple “get started path” for new associates to establish early wins and belief. This duplicates! But it doesn’t stop there. With a competitive check match and powerful rank advancement bonuses, our plan is both simple and lucrative – making it extremely attractive to the first time networker and to the network marketing professional.

To jump start our new compensation plan with as much momentum as possible, we have placed all existing Viridian Associates in one, unified Viridian Founder’s line. This creates a team of Viridian Founders who each benefit one another as you grow and are each laser focused on the same goal for individual growth. Your position as someone who has been with Viridian previously is extremely powerful as you can now benefit from being on a “team” with every other Viridian Associate – in the US and AU! Talk to your Viridian Associate for details or click here to watch our webinars on our new powerful compensation plan.

5. Consistent commitment to culture & mission. Doing well by doing good.

Viridian has always operated with a commitment to making a difference in the world. This has not changed. We believe in living a life Powered by Purpose and have made a tremendous impact in our first chapter. And we’ve got a track record to be proud of – offsetting 9 Billion pounds of carbon, providing light to ____ families, planting ____ trees the world over, removing ____ pounds of trash, coordinating over ___ local sustainability events in our communities, providing ___ volunteer hours as a community, and contributing to responsible natural gas extraction research. We’ve not only given back locally, but we’ve also reached out globally, with more than ___ global trips, from our 7 Continents in 7 Years program, to our Amazon Preservation Project to our Light the World program and our emPOWER Trips.

It is our culture. It is what makes us different. It is in our DNA. It is our unique promise. It is our mission. As we continue to grow, so will our commitment to doing so responsibly. We are committed to changing the lives of our associates with our opportunity and together we are committed to changing the lives of people around the world with our mission.


How you can come back strong:

Existing Associates:

If you are currently a Viridian Associate, talk to your sponsor or your upteam. Learn about our new products & services and learn about our new, powerful binary compensation plan. Get engaged during our RampUP period and maximize your opportunity in Viridian’s next chapter!

Cancelled Associates

If your Viridian Account has been cancelled, we are temporarily waiving our restrictions on re-entry. Our Welcome Back special means you can re-activate your original position for just the cost of enrollment. You’ll retain your original join date and position as well as any sponsorship lineage that still remains for your business. To get started, simply fill out a paper application, which you can download here, and submit it on our LiveChat window on this page, or email to

Then, talk to your original sponsor, or to an upteam leader in your organization. Learn about how to re-engage and take advantage of your placement in our compensation plan.

We’re glad to have you back! Thank you for helping us write our story – we hope this next chapter is your best one yet!