Viridian-291I’m so humbled, thankful and grateful to have earned this incredible trip. The people we helped were poverty-stricken and in survival mode. The community was filled with people and families living in the street. My favorite part of the trip was after three days, seeing the children pitch in and help pick up the trash, playing soccer and wanting to help us. The children were so starved for attention, one little girl kept running and falling in front of me and then extending her hand and I’d lean over take her hand and pick her up. She did it over and over again over the days and it was her way, I think, of feeling that someone cared for her and took the time to pick her up. Generation V is truly creating change in the world one community at a time, one life at a time, in its mission of leaving the earth cleaner for generations to come.

My biggest take away from the journey was after coming out of church on Sunday morning in Albania. In that church, there was a picture of Mother Theresa and it made me think of how we were carrying on her legacy by helping the gypsies in the community and letting them know that they have a purpose. To me, this trip was the hardest, both physically and emotionally, out of the three trips that I have been on. The labor of digging holes with rocks was very physically demanding, but seeing the street lights up after it was done and seeing the soccer field as a place for the children to play in a safe area made all the difference in the world. I saw children playing with a piece of string attached to a pole for hours as they tried to find ways to entertain themselves. Compared to other trips, this community was shy and as they were in survival mode and were wary of who we are and why we were there. But, by day three, we all came together as one community.

Italy was absolutely amazing. The food was extraordinary—literally from farm to table, fresh-picked daily. The Adriatic Sea was turquoise, warm and really salty.  Work hard & play hard. Let me help you earn one of these incredible trips. It will change your life.

I am Generation V!

Donna French, Ambassador