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quote-Icon“I gained a different perspective of the business when I attended the Aruba trip. You get to know people in the company on a more intimate level, which is priceless.”
~ Robert Baldwin Jr., Lead Director

Sunny memories—Aruba 2014

Relaxing on the warm Aruba beach at dusk last year in June 2014, Executive Director Nicole Rieck looked around at the Viridian colleagues around her. The island was beautiful, the weather was perfect and the group had been treated like royalty, she recalls.

But the most priceless memory of last year’s incentive trip for her was that moment on the beach when she realized her colleagues had become like a second family to her. She felt “blessed to be there and to be a part of such an amazing company.”

Nicole’s not the only 2014 Aruba prize trip winner who is still talking about the days in the sun and nights full of fun. “Break-dancing to country music at the Soprano’s Nightclub,” was a fun memory for Senior Director Kurt Conrad, while Lead Director Robert Baldwin Jr. lists being voted “Mr. Aruba” as a moment to look back on.

Watch a video of some of the fun our winners had last year. You could soon be having your own beach fun and returning with your own memories if you qualify for this year’s trip between January and April.

The 2015 rewards trip winners will be traveling to the beautiful “Pink Palace”—The Fairmont Hamilton Princess in Bermuda.

For many of last year’s winners, this was the first time they’d been to the islands. “This trip was the first time I’d set foot off U.S. soil, and it has forever changed my life,” Kurt says. “Being able to experience this trip, networking with top Viridian leaders and Home Office executives, was one of the most uplifting life experiences in my young adult career…Now it’s my turn to unlock someone’s potential to feel the same adrenaline and excitement I did.”

“To all of the people who are working hard to win the trip I would say it was absolutely worth it,” adds Robert.

You’ll be enjoying the fruits of your labor, kicking back and building comradery with your extended Viridian family. “You absolutely must be on next year’s trip,” Nikki says. “Put the qualifications up on your wall right next to the career path and make your plan to get there! You can do it!”

Check your Back Office for details on how to qualify for the Be the Bridge to Bermuda incentive trip, and set your goals to win a spot on this all-expense-paid trip for one or two. See you on the beach!

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