Did you know that Americans currently rely on non-renewable energy sources (i.e. oil and coal) for powering more than 85 percent of their electricity needs? Despite this, CO2 emissions related to energy consumption dropped in 2012 to their lowest point since 1994, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). This achievement can be largely attributed to the efforts of forward-thinking business leaders, communities and policymakers to support less coal-based energy sources and leverage the cleanest of all fossil fuels: natural gas.

But while natural gas plays an important role in America’s transition to sustainability, it is not the end-all answer. It’s simply an option to help reduce carbon emissions while we work toward a more sustainable and affordable green energy future. That’s where we at Viridian Energy hope to come into the picture to begin making a change. Viridian Energy created its Simply Right line of natural gas products to give those who use natural gas a more environmentally conscious option of energy consumption.

Our Simply Right product line enables customers to choose natural gas from Viridian while staying with their local utility for service and delivery. We’ll help you neutralize the greenhouse gas emissions that your natural gas investment makes, as our Simply Right natural gas mitigates 25 percent of your usage through carbon offsets.

Our latest product offering represents a practical option for homeowners looking to transition from natural gas to a more renewable energy source. In doing so, users will reduce the environmental impact of their natural gas investment and begin supporting national carbon reduction projects—like Viridian’s Simply Right Natural Gas Fund.

Our gas fund is just one extra way Viridian is working to extend its commitment to a more sustainable future. To support the fund, Viridian will allocate a percentage of its revenue from natural gas customers with the goal of promoting innovation, transparency, responsibility and accountability in natural gas extraction and delivery.

The Simply Right Natural Gas Fund is a combined effort with select organizations that support research and innovation toward cleaner and safer natural gas extraction. Viridian contributes to the fund on behalf of Simply Right and Simply Right 100 customers.

As our customer base grows, so will our fund and its influence. We hope that you’ll consider joining us in our commitment to sustainability. Click here to learn more about Simply Right Natural Gas.