By now, you understand that you are in the right business. After all, 2013 direct selling sales were up 3.3 percent in the U.S. from 2012, soaring to an impressive $32.67 billion, according to the Direct Selling Association (DSA). The DSA also reports that the 3.3 percent increase in 2013 brought the industry to a record high in terms of sales.

But just because you know you are heading down a path of limitless direct selling potential does not mean you always have the motivation to stay focused and, more importantly, plugged in. We are more than halfway through 2014, so here’s a quick reminder of how to stay connected to your Viridian business:

  1. Always Ask Questions: The Viridian business is simple at its core:  it’s all about duplicating the proven methods of others. So make sure you’re always observing, listening and asking questions. When you see a member of your team rank advance and start collecting pins, ask to grab coffee with that individual to pick his or her brain. Remain inquisitive and learn from top achievers within your organization.
  2. Call In: There are a series of calls at Viridian—from the weekly Power Call with corporate executives like President Meredith Berkich to the quarterly State of Viridian call with Founder/CEO Michael Fallquist. Chances are the top leaders within your team also hold their own weekly calls. Be sure to set calendar reminders for each, and dial in regularly to learn business building tips.
  3. Attend Corporate Events: Each quarter presents a new opportunity for you to join corporate executives and other shining stars in the field for a corporate event. These events are a great chance to hear from Viridian’s top earning Associates, learn about upcoming incentives and promotions, and network organically with those in the field. Be sure to check our Events Calendar regularly for the latest.

Ready to plug in?