If there is one thing that U.S. consumers agree on while shopping, it is the importance of being green. In fact, an overwhelming 71 percent of Americans think about the environment when they shop according to research from CONE Communications. In response to this demand, many retailers are stepping up their sustainability efforts in an attempt to not only cultivate a greener retail environment, but to establish greater market relevance.

Below are 10 retailers that use green energy to make business more environmentally efficient. Do you shop with them?

1. Whole Foods Market: A business built with sustainable living as its core offering, Whole Foods does more than just purchase “green” food. About 107 percent of its total annual energy consumption is clean, which puts this supermarket chain at the top of our list.

2. Kohl’s Department Store: Right behind Whole Foods Market in sustainability is Kohl’s market, as about 105 percent of its total energy consumption is green. Kohl’s ensures sustainable business practices by engaging its key stakeholders, focusing on its supply chain and creating sustainable operations.

3. CVS Caremark: With an energy ranking of 87.5 percent, CVS was the only retailer to be named to the Newsweek Top 50 Greenest Companies of 2014 report. CVS also has a goal to reduce its total carbon intensity 15 percent by 2018.

4. McDonald’s USA: Its food may be fast, but McDonald’s restaurant chains proudly run using at least 30 percent of renewable energy.

5. Staples: With 37 solar arrays located across the U.S., Staples has generated more than 50 million kWh of green energy since it started its energy efficiency program.

6. Home Depot: As 2014’s EPA Energy Star Partner of the Year Award winner, Home Depot scored a 99 in the Carbon Disclosure Project, which awards points based on questions the company has to answer about its climate impact.

7. Best Buy: With 133,333,000 kWh of annual green energy consumption, Best Buy is dedicated to reducing its North American emissions by 20 percent in 2020.

8. Costco: This wholesale supplier now has 78 solar installations across the U.S., as well as 47 MW of installed solar capacity.

9. Apple, Inc.: You can feel good about using your Apple products knowing that the company has 40.7 MW of solar energy capacity.

10. Walmart: This mega-retailer is working towards 100 percent renewable energy, and it currently has over 335 renewable energy projects in operation. Overall, Walmart is one of the largest producers of solar power in the U.S.

These companies are doing an amazing job of reducing their carbon footprint by investing in sustainable energy sources. But it’s important to remember that the U.S. currently ranks ninth on the list of the 12 biggest global economies in terms of environmental efficiency. Here at Viridian Energy, we encourage every retailer big or small to invest in energy efficient solutions. Whether your business purchases solar panels or wind power, your investment will go a long way towards cleaning up the environment.

Do you have any favorite green retailers that you frequent? Tell us in the comments section below!