It’s no coincidence that the word network dominates the phrase “network marketing.” That’s because network marketing is all about conversations, connections and collaboration. It’s networking at its best. As such, the business is full of events—from annual conventions to leadership retreats to incentive trips. And that only covers the corporate events!

There are also a myriad of Associate-led events, from opportunity meetings to social gatherings to team events. Whether you find yourself at your next convention, leadership event or just at dinner with a few team members, keep the following in mind to make the most of your time:

  • Talk—to Everyone: It is human instinct to gravitate towards those we know. But when you find yourself at an event, step outside the comfort zone and chat with new members of your organization, especially the most high-ranking Associates. Doing so will give you fresh perspective, put you on the map and remind you of the importance of public speaking in this business. Remember that cross-team support is huge in network marketing so branch out.
  • Take Notes: Every pearl of wisdom shared at a corporate- or Associate-led event should be jotted down. After all, it’s these very tips and tricks that could be the ticket to unfounded network marketing success. Bring extra pens and notebooks, charge up the iPad and get a front row seat. Don’t trust on your memory for retention; there will be too much good information that you will want to recount after the fact.
  • Arrive Early: Those that arrive early get access to prime seating as well as ample network opportunity, before the crowds arrive. Make it a goal to get to every event on time. Who knows… you may find that you and the highest earner at your company are the only ones at the event at the time and suddenly you are able to prod this individual for all his or her best business building tips.

Now’s the time to get your calendar full, gas up the car and roll on over to your next network marketing event!