Chances are you’ve heard about Elon Musk, self-made billionaire and Chairman of SolarCity, a full-service solar power provider and partner of Viridian.  As an early investor in the SpaceX and PayPal corporations, Musk has earned a reputation as a smart and savvy investor. But here are some things that you might not know about the leading guy:

Musk is pioneering the sustainability industry: As one of the most successful entrepreneurs of this generation, Musk is doing his part to be a pioneer of the sustainability movement, primarily through his work at SolarCity. Musk believes that a sustainable future depends heavily on solar power. SolarCity leases solar panels to homes and businesses across the world, making it easier and more affordable for investors to generate and store power from the sun.

He co-founded Tesla Motors: As the Chairman, Product Architect and CEO of Tesla, Musk has played a critical role in changing public perception about electric vehicles. The Tesla Roadster and Model S sedan are two premium vehicles that have become widely popular as they push the boundaries for battery range (the record is 450 miles) and sustainability.

But as Musk explained at the 2013 TED Conference, what makes this car so enticing is the driving experience. (Our rising stars who have earned their Teslas can confirm this!)

“The responsiveness is incredible,” he explained at the TED Conference. “We want people to feel a mind-meld with the car, that you and the car are one. As you corner, accelerate, it just happens. It’s like the car has ESP.”

Musk is revolutionizing space exploration: How high is Musk’s ambition? It’s literally out of this world.  His company SpaceX, of which he is also chairman, is currently developing reusable rockets that will reduce the cost of launching satellites—and humans—into space. According to Musk, the rockets could make space flight 100 times cheaper.  In May, the company’s Falcon 9R Reusable rocket travelled as high as 3,300 feet—four times higher than its first test flight.

Here at Viridian, we are proud to work with Musk and wholeheartedly agree that our environmental future looks much brighter with him at the helm of all of these exciting operations.