While we all inevitably miss the mark from time to time, the idea of “failure” or “rejection” can be especially difficult to handle in the network marketing world. By better understanding the ways in which such a process is just part of our industry, we can learn to deal with these situations with grace and a positive attitude moving forward.

1. Understand That No One is Pardoned From Loss: There is no exception when it comes to failure. Everyone is susceptible and everyone will see it at some point in their network marketing journey. Once you come to terms with this fact, you’ll realize something even more important: everyone is in this together. Everyone you encounter has felt or will feel loss just like you do. Take this knowledge with you when you get back out and sell.

2. Be Able to Accept “No”: You’re ready to shake off the dust and get back into selling mode, but before you can, you must first be able to accept “no.” There’s probably not a single word out there that stings more (especially for those in network marketing), but this answer will sometimes be unavoidable. The best thing that you can do is to accept this response and not push your prospect too far. After all, network marketing is in many ways a matter of relationship marketing, and you want to preserve a healthy working relationship with all clients, customers and consumers.

3. Segment Your Goals: We all have those large, overarching goals for the New Year: increase our downteam by 20 percent; get that new company car; become a speaker at the industry’s hottest networking event. In actuality, though, these goals could be setting you up for a greater loss than if you were to segment them and adapt as you go. For example, strive to onboard five to 10 new prospects during the first quarter. If you can do this, up the ante for quarter two. Take it step by step and you’ll be putting a spotlight on your successes, not your failures.

They say, “When it rains, it pours,” but they forget to mention that after the rain comes a bed full of blossoming flowers. It’s not the end of the world if you experience a loss in network marketing. If anything, it will strengthen you and propel your business forward.