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Local Change


Throughout the year, we sponsor, host and support sustainability events in each of our markets. They’re an opportunity for fun and some good old-fashioned work, as we roll up our shirtsleeves and pitch in to help in ways that are meaningful to people and the environment. While sustainability is at the core of all we do at Viridian, we like to go the extra mile during Earth Month each April.

  • Tree Planting
    Planting trees provides oxygen, improves air quality, conserves water, and preserves soil by absorbing CO2, a leading cause of climate change.
    Tree Planting
  • Clean up
    Viridian volunteers work to protect human health, wildlife and livelihoods by cleaning up trash in our communities and along our waterways.
    Clean up
  • Trail Maintenance
    Trail maintenance projects provide a safe and enjoyable experience for users while protecting natural resources and sensitive areas of our forests.
    Trail Maintenance
  • Invasive Species Removal
    Invasive species alter our ecosystems and threaten the survival of native species. The removal is often hard work, but Viridian volunteers never shy from a challenge.
    Invasive Species Removal
  • Community Gardens
    Community gardens benefit the health and well-being of people and the environment by providing access to fresh produce and reducing air and water pollution.
    Community Gardens
  • GEN V Cares
    When our communities are in need, Viridian Associates are always ready and willing to show how much GenV Cares.
    GEN V Cares
  • Non-Profit Collaboration
    We make a greater impact when we work together. The knowledge and support from collaborating organizations make our local events such a success.
    Non-Profit Collaboration
  • Coordinators
    Our communities, waterways and forests have been made better with the hard work, dedication and leadership of our event coordinators.


Local Volunteer


Pounds of Trash


Local Change


On the calendar Earth Day is April 22. But one day—or even one week—is not long enough for us to show how much we cherish our beautiful planet. So, since 2011, Viridian has celebrated Earth Month, a full 30-days to make a difference in our communities. Come out and join us each April, we’ve got work gloves to spare and good times to share!