Individual Choice. Collective Impact.

Every individual and every organization in the world has an inherent responsibility to leave the world better than when they arrived.

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Sustainability is not merely a word at Viridian: It is our driving force. Our goal was never to simply create an energy company, but to create a path to a more sustainable world. To that end, we have established our Sustainability Initiative to promote global and community activism and enterprise. It’s our pledge to our Customers and Independent Associates that together we will be part of the solution.

As we work together to realize our vision of a greener and more sustainable lifestyle, we focus on four focal action points: our Four Pillars of Sustainability. They form the framework for making a measurable and positive long-term impact on the environment while growing our company.


Our first pillar of sustainability—Products & Practices—shapes the products and services we make available and the way we do business every day.

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Viridian takes pride in improving the neighborhoods, parks, schools and beaches where our Customers and Associates live, work and play, and we’re always looking for new ways to enrich and enhance people’s lives and the communities they live in.

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It’s one thing to say you want to make the world a better place. It’s another to go out and actually do it. As global citizens, it is our duty to take action where we are able to help those in need and make the planet healthier for future generations.

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Viridian is committed to providing our Customers and Associates with the timely, environment-focused information they need to be advocates, influencers and agents of positive change for today and tomorrow.

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Total  Emissions Avoided 7,078,651,106 lbs

Featured Videos

There’s no better way to share the experiences of those who are part of Generation V than through video. Together we are committed to improving the communities we serve with our local and global sustainability initiatives. Watch the featured videos below and visit our media library where you will find many more photos and videos that capture the change we’ve made in the world since Viridian began.

Dear Viridian Customers… THANK YOU! This video portrays what you are contributing to by simply turning on a light, or cooking dinner for your family. Watch to see how your individual choice is making a collective impact in the world.

Around the world today, an astonishing 1.4 billion people live without electricity, including the entire village of Malake, Fiji. By bringing solar panels for the school and community center, solar lanterns for every household and an energy-efficient freezer for the fishermen of this remote village of 1,116 people, we were able to make a significant, lasting impact on the lives of all who live here—fishermen, farmers and hard-working families—and claim a small but very sweet victory for the power of renewable energy.

 There are a million reasons to share the 2016 Sustainability Report with everyone, everywhere.

The report tells the story of how Viridian is putting more passion into business and more value into the world. About how the continued efforts of tens of thousands of open hearts and helping hands have improved lives, supported sustainable choices, and altered the course of history.

This is the story we wrote together in 2016: how all of us moved Viridian forward and the collective, quantifiable difference that has made. How, to this date, we have avoided 9,357,853,469 pounds of CO2.

Thought you knew Viridian? There’s still more to know, and so much more to see. Get the true insider’s look at the company and culture that’s moving the world toward simple, responsible every day choices that can have a significant collective impact in our one and only annual Sustainability Report

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