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Paying it forward with solar


The sun shines on everyone around the globe. For our solar customers, that sunshine means affordable, clean energy: a smart and simple way to gain control over their energy costs. But for families here at home who are struggling to make ends meet, or families in remote, off-grid locations, solar power can make all the difference in the world.

That’s why we created SUN PLUS ONE: a way for Viridian and our customers to pay it forward and allow more people to share in the benefits of solar. For every 15 installed solar customers, Viridian will fund one solar power system. It’s as simple as that: 15 plus one.

Be a part of something bigger. For every fifteen Viridian solar customers, we donate one solar installation somewhere across the world. During the Viridian Sunshine Tour, a group of corporate and field leaders teamed with GRID Alternatives to install a solar energy system for a California family in need.

If you think solar is changing the lives of those who install it on their homes, wait until you see the ripple effect of change it will have on people around the world. We’re increasing our commitment to the growing solar industry and helping more and more people put their roofs to work!

Our sun provides enough energy each day to power every home and business in the world. Yet, more than 1.3 billion people around the world live without access to electricity. Sun Plus One is a way for Viridian and our customers to share the benefits of solar with the people that need it the most. Check out the resources below to learn more about Viridian solar and our Sun Plus One program.



Sun Plus One offers a way for each and every Viridian solar customer to make a meaningful and lasting difference.

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With our new solar partner, Sungevity, Viridian Associates are finding that spreading the sunshine is easier than ever before.

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Do you want to save money on your energy bill and do something great for the planet? Get started with solar today!

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Since the fall of 2015, Viridian has teamed with GRID Alternatives to provide low-income families in the United States with clean and affordable solar power through Sun Plus One. The program has resulted in a pair of U.S.-based donations to date, as field and corporate leaders helped install solar systems for families in New York and California.

Sun Plus One also benefits Barefoot College, a nonprofit that trains rural women in developing countries to be solar engineers, giving them the skills to install donated solar power systems in their communities and to raise the standard of living for all.