After careful consideration and proper vetting, you have decided to start your network marketing business. Hopefully you have chosen to promote a product or service you believe in (here at Viridian our Associates are committed to people, planet profit by encouraging others to make the switch to Viridian’s affordable, green electricity). And hopefully you are excited to get started and become part of a booming industry.

But you may be feeling lost just minutes into your network marketing venture. After all, there is much to do your first few days and it’s imperative to hit the ground running.  So how can you get off on the right foot? Take a look at Viridian’s top tips for optimal success:

1. It’s All About the First 90 Days: Your first three months in your network marketing pursuit are critical. It’s when you can earn your first bonuses and incentives, start to grow your organization and enjoy your first rank advancement. The beginning few weeks will give you the momentum needed to propel you forward in the business. On day one, set both short- and long-term goals. An example of a short-term goal? Come up with a list of 15 contacts in your warm market to whom you can show the opportunity. A long-term goal? Secure 15 customers and five Associates within 30 days. But it’s not enough to just think of your goals. Write them down and hang them up so you can keep them in focus each day.

2. Use What’s Available: Here at Viridian, we remind new Associates that network marketing at its core is all about duplication. It’s about brand new Associates replicating the behaviors of those who have already enjoyed success and rank advancement in the business. When you start your network marketing business, become a sponge and get your hands on every piece of information that is already available from corporate and your fellow team members. Start aggregating the latest training manuals, product fact sheets and corporate communications to get up to speed right away. File away the pertinent ones so you can consult as needed.

3. Plug In: Remaining plugged into your network marketing business is key and there are numerous ways to do so. For starters, find out which corporate calls the business holds and fill your calendar with every call on the docket. Hearing from corporate executives will give you keen insight into upcoming incentives, promotions and product expansions. Similarly, consult your upteam to find out what calls, opportunity meetings and team events take place regularly. By the end of your first week your calendar should be chock-full of corporate and organization events and calls.

4. Get Traveling: The network marketing industry is filled with corporate events, from annual conventions to leadership retreats to incentive journeys. The first month you join talk to your upteam—and consult corporate handouts, email communications and websites—to get your finger on the pulse with regards to upcoming events. Attending these events is huge. In fact, research has shown that Associates who attend are six times more successful in the six months following convention than those who do not attend. Here at Viridian Energy we are busily gearing up for our annual PowerUP! convention, taking place Sept. 4-7 at Foxwoods Resort & Casino in Connecticut. Click here for more details!

5. Ask Questions: There’s a reason the Associates at the top got there. It’s because they made the right moves, asked the right questions and focused on the right pursuits. During your first few days in the business ask as many questions as you can. Grab coffee with members of your upteam and start asking questions like: What do they do to stay motivated?; Why do they think they’ve been successful?; What did they do their first 90 days in the business?; and What do they wish they had known their first few days? There are no silly questions in the business of network marketing, so get curious.

6. Stay Motivated: If you have no previous network marketing experience, you may feel a bit lost—even dejected—your first few days in your quest toward entrepreneurialism. That’s because you are navigating new waters. During this time, lean on previous job experiences—such as the time you mastered a new skill set at a daunting job within a few weeks. It’s all about staying the course, remaining motivated and getting moving your first few days. So embrace the unchartered waters and carve your own path.

Ready to hit the ground running? You and you alone are the only thing standing in the way of unlimited earning potential and rank advancement. Good luck!