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Every individual and every organization in the world has an inherent responsibility to leave the world better than when they arrived.

This responsibility, we believe, is perhaps most significant for companies that have potential to greatly impact the world. We believe Viridian shares in that responsibility and are proud to be able to be proactively bettering our communities and our world. The Viridian Sustainability Initiative is our pledge to empower Customers and Associates to take part in our mission to improve the world and the communities in which we live. More than just a pledge, it's our way of putting this belief into action as we work together to realize our vision.

Amazon Preservation Project

Through our ongoing Amazon Preservation Project we have planted more than 1,700 native species in the deforested Amazon rainforest toward our goal of 5,000. Watch our previous Amazon Preservation Project videos here.

Sustainability starts at home.

Viridian Energy is committed to improving the communities we service. We believe that focusing on sustainability will improve lives and preserve the Earth for future generations. To support this vision, we regularly organize and participate in community-service activities.
Our active Customers and Independent Viridian Associates are proud to be a part of a company that puts good old-fashioned hard work, creativity and resources into bettering our communities.
Join us at one of our upcoming events we'd love to have your support in our efforts close to home. Check out the events calendar for happenings in your community.
Have an idea for a local sustainability event in your community? Email us at and submit an event request form.

As a Viridian family, we take our global citizenship seriously.

Our sustainability efforts truly reach the world through our 7 Continents in 7 Years (7C7Y) program. Each year, Viridian Energy researches and executes a sustainability project on a different continent. Each project has a sustaining and positive impact on the environment and economy of the local community.
Our 7C7Y program has allowed us to bring solar power, water, trees, and education to remote villages in Brazil, Ghana, Indonesia, and Fiji. Plantenal, Nicaragua is the location of Viridian's 2015 7C7Y journey. Read about our journeys here
Check out our videos page and read our 2013 Sustainability Report to learn more about the journeys we've been on as part of our 7 Continents in 7 Years global sustainability initiative.