The recent financial crisis put a damper on almost every industry, no matter its potential. But the renewable energy is currently enjoying a brilliant rebound.

The increased investments and returns in the industry are largely being driven by huge technological improvements. This bolstered technology has meant better efficiency and production, coming at a lower price point, which has been a clear sign of a bright future to investors.

Through June of 2014, alternative energy mutual funds and exchange-traded funds have seen a staggering 41.6 percent average return over the last 12 months, earning about $365 million over roughly the same period. Those large returns came across investments in a variety of alternative energy sectors, including hydropower, wind and solar, signaling that the rebound is industry-wide and well-diversified.

This should be good news to the many investors that were scared by large losses that came amid the economic downturn. The renewable energy sector first started booming in 2003, when high oil prices and strong green energy incentives from countries around the globe expanded the industry’s horizons. But because green technologies were still in their infancy, they were hit hard during the downturn between 2008 and 2012.

Like any strong investing portfolio, the alternative energy industry is now much more diversified and nimble than it was in the past, a chief reason investors are returning en masse. The increased investment security is being driven by drastically reduced green energy production costs, which in turn mean companies are well-insulated against any negative market forces and much less reliant on government subsidies that can come and go as municipal and national revenues do.

The same government subsidies, however, shouldn’t be ignored because they’re driving huge business worldwide. Consider that new investments in renewable energy in Asia, for instance, rose 10 percent to more than $100 billion in 2013.

With the combination of renewed governmental support and more well-balanced financial bases, along with ever-increasing public interest, alternative energy investments should continue to see strong gains for a long time to come.