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Welcoming our Newest Associate Sustainability Council Member, Alex Mikhelson

When Alex Mikhelson stumbled across a Philadelphia Fox 29 video clip on his friend’s Facebook wall in February 2011—a segment featuring Viridian Founder & CEO Michael Fallquist discussing the Viridian opportunity—he immediately wanted to know more. After all, for months the Pennsylvania resident listened as countless companies talked about energy deregulation and their unique energy offerings.

A Dream Pursued—and Achieved—by a Massachusetts Associate

While Viridian Associates may come from different walks of life, they all join for essentially the same reasons: financial independence, a sense of control over their lives and the appealing notion of contributing to the company’s sustainability efforts. Massachusetts Associate Jeff Poirier shares all those sentiments, but if he had to pick one, he says being part of a greener way of life was his deciding factor for joining the company.