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Ampy Awards

The top performing Viridian Associates are honored for outstanding performance at a formal gala evening during the company’s annual PowerUP convention. Award winners are true leaders whose hard work and dedication have not only paid off in their own lives, but have also been recognized by their Viridian Energy peers. They are an inspiration to us all.

Now is the time to nominate your fellow Associates for the 2016 Culture Ampy Awards! This is your biggest opportunity to publicly celebrate and honor the inspiring mentor, exceptional team members and fellow heroes of Generation V: people who embody the Viridian spirit and consider our core values in everything they do. Winners will be announced at the Ampy Awards black tie gala on Saturday evening, October 1, 2016.

Generation V Award

This award is given to the Associate who embodies everything it means to be Generation V. From building their business, to growing a team, to inspiring others, to representing the brand, to supporting a sustainable future, this Associate understands the eventual ripple effect of his or her choices and actions. The recipient of this award is someone who works hard and inspires others to do the same. The Associate is a representation of what it means to be Generation Vand is dedicated to a more sustainable future and committed to taking steps today to reach that future.


2014 Generation V Award Winners John & Lella Pyonteck

“We are extremely grateful and blessed for this lifechanging opportunity! A precious gift we can offer many others! Allow yourself to dream beyond your wildest imagination!” – Lella & John Pyonteck

The Making of the 2014 Generation V Award

Utah-based eco-artist Owen Mortensen finds his inspiration in the quiet beauty that surrounds us every day, but that virtually all of us take for granted: delicate veins in a leaf; the stark, bleached, angularities of bone; the puffy, asteroid-like shapes of freshly-popped corn. For our Generation V Award each year he selects a different natural medium. This year, he has chosen the graceful but hardy fern, appreciated for its ability to flourish in difficult conditions, including the darkest shade. You seldom see one fern alone—they grow in groups, bonded together. A particularly apt metaphor for Viridian!

Culture Awards

Culture awards are given to Associates who are inspirational, motivational and successful and who demonstrate leadership. Award recipients are determined through a combination of peer nomination from other Associates as well as nomination from corporate executives and staff. All recipients must be active and in good standing with compliance. These awards represent the critical Five Core Beliefs for success in Viridian: Industry, Company, Product, Team and Self.


Integrity Ampy – Anthony DiPaula

This award is given to the Associate who stands as the role model for upholding the direct selling industry’s Code of Ethics and Viridian compliance. This individual is proud of his or her involvement with direct selling and has true conviction for the power the profession has to change lives. This Associate embodies excellent business practices and ethics as an ever-reliable representation of everything the industry stands for.


VLife Ampy – Tom Braddock

This award is given to the Associate who is an example of what it means to “live Viridian.” This person is a constant promoter and supporter of Viridian and an excellent steward of the Viridian brand. This individual displays the essence of our brand in every way and participates at company events, remains plugged in and stays up to date and educated on Viridian’s communication, products, incentives and opportunities.


Sustainability Ampy – Eric Stewart

This award is given to the Associate who demonstrates sustainability in everything he or she does. This Associate is a regular participant in sustainability events such as Viridian’s Earth Month efforts, endorses the 100% responsible products and has many Customers in his/her organization using the 100% Pure Green or Simply Right 100 products, holds sustainability events and exemplifies social responsibility as the Associate strives to improve the environment they live in.


Team Leader Ampy – Anthony Serino

This award is given to the Associate who puts team above self. This Associate understands and exemplifies the mantra that when others succeed, we all succeed. This individual is as excited, perhaps even more, when his or her team succeeds than when he or she achieves personal success. This Associate provides excellent coaching, provides a shoulder to lean on, helps with your game plan and participates on calls and at events.


Inspiration Ampy – Denise Luke

This award is given to the Associate who is an inspiration to others by sharing, living and achieving personal purpose for being involved with Viridian. This person uses his or her “Why” for working the Viridian business every day as inspiration and motivation for others on his or her team. This individual has developed personally and overcome challenges because of a commitment to the Viridian business. This Associate is becoming his or her best self and is achieving dreams and aspirations.

Performance Awards

The awards in this category are given to Associates who have achieved top performance in many areas. Award recipients are determined through a combination of commission reporting analysis and approval from corporate executives and staff. All recipients must be active and in good standing with compliance.

Top Customer Enroller

The foundation of any Viridian Organization is the Customer base, and future rank advancements rely upon the consistent addition of Customers. With the monthly Customer Acquisition Bonus (CAB), Associates benefit when they make Customer gathering a part of their regime. This Associate submitted the most qualified Personal Customer Credits (PCC) between August 2013 and July 2014 in each of the following categories:

Commodity Customers
Joseph Kistner
Commercial Customers
Patrick & Christine Manning
Solar Customers
Dynamic, LLC

Top Residual Fundraiser – Cong Ohr Yisroel

The Viridian Residual Fundraising Program (RFP) is an incredibly lucrative way for nonprofit entities to earn significant and reliable income for their organizations. These accounts require a high degree of special attention and specialized coaching to be successful. This category reflects the true heart of Viridian by the nature of the participants—groups who make it their mission to make a difference. This Ampy goes to the Associate who has the highest combined Customer counts in his or her Personally Sponsored RFPs.


Top Associate Sponsor – Rennard Sweetney

Long-term residual earnings are what make network marketing so attractive. To really take advantage of this unique way to earn a small or large amount of income over time, introducing people to the simplicity and profitability of joining as an Associate is paramount. Top revenue producers are generally strong personal recruiters, and the winner of this category is well on the way to success by signing up the most Personally Sponsored Associates (PSAs) in Viridian between August 2013 and July 2014.


Top Mentor Bonus Achiever – Paul Rivello

One major key to building a sustainable business is the willingness to coach others to follow a duplicable success plan. By supporting an individual’s PSAs, the mentor can be confident that new people will experience immediate success and continue to apply themselves. The winner of this category earned more in personally sponsored Mentor Bonuses than any other Associate between August 2013 and July 2014.


Rockstar Rookie – Kurt Conrad

One of the most prestigious awards a Viridian Associate enrolled in the last year and a half can earn, this Ampy is calculated from a variety of business-building metrics. Points are assigned for personal Customer and Associate enrollments, rank advancements, and business development. While every person who achieves his or her personal goals is a rockstar in our eyes this individual has taken meeting commitments and goals to the highest level of achievement by having the most points of any newer member of Generation V.

The All-Star Ampy Awards

The quality and excellence of Viridian’s field leadership is second to none, and each one contributes to the overall success of the whole. These awards go to the leaders of the teams with the highest overall growth measure by a percentage of increase. Awards go to leaders based on their paid-as rank in the month of December 2013 as reflected on the January commission rank. There is one award for each leadership rank.

Lead Director All-Star
Jacob Mendlovic
Senior Director All-Star
Nicole Rieck
Executive Director All-Star
Steve Colombo
Partner All-Star
Anthony Serino
Platinum Partner All-Star
Mayer Leonorovitz
Diamond Partner All-Stars
John & Lella Pyonteck
Crown Partner All-Stars
Team V
Ambassador All-Stars
Joe Occhiogrosso & Frank Marone