Your 2015 Drivers: Focus, Connect, Grow

“As goes January, so goes the year …”

Considering that a strong January often paves the way for a fruitful year makes this a powerfully pointed adage. We’ve just come off of a few particularly powerful days in January thanks to our annual Leadership Retreat—an event that was rich with inspiration, excitement, community and commitment to a bright future. Each retreat reminds those in Generation V of the importance of getting back in the saddle, or recommitting to their Viridian business. It reminds Associates that the first few months of a new year are the perfect time to prospect and encourage people to change something about their existing lifestyle.

This year’s Leadership Retreat theme focused on building bridges, or bridging the way to our future. Here at Generation V we think of ourselves, field and home team, in that light. We connect people to each other, a vision and a purpose. We give people a vehicle to get from “here” to “there” just like a bridge.

Leadership needs to be your focus in order to enjoy a growth year: Make 2015 about your success plan, short- and long-term objectives and honing leadership. The most effective leaders are those who can connect people to the vision and have unwavering passion for that vision.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at three key areas that should be your drivers for the coming year:

  1. Focus: Commit to a year defined by laser focus; fix your eyes on something and don’t allow anything to stand in the way of it. Keep your sights on the end and shake off the distractions that may come along. We all know that in network marketing—especially in the beginning—there’s ample distraction, especially in the form of naysayers. But if you focus on your strengths and your vision, you can block out the interruptions and avoid looking in the rearview mirror. You can’t spend time looking backward because it prevents your mind from having the space it needs to focus and grow. One of my favorite quotes is by Eagles head coach Chip Kelly who argues, “Praise and blame is all the same.” What he means is that it’s all just noise and a distraction and none of it truly matters. What matters is staying focused.
  2. Connect: Make 2015 the year of connections and long-term connections. To be an effective mentor and coach, you have to get into the world of your prospects and understand what motivates them. In addition to connecting with people, find time to connect to a cause or something bigger than yourself. That’s where your personal significance will originate. Keep in mind that it’s not just about making money or the size of your team; rather, it’s about making a difference. That’s what Viridian is all about and what sets us apart. I can’t think of another group of people who share such a similar mindset and deep commitment, especially when it comes to how we make things happen here at Viridian by being the change we want to see in the world.
  3. Grow: Once you focus on your goal and connect the pieces together to make that goal a reality, you need to focus on growth—growth on a personal and professional level and growth with regards to your lasting impact. While the first two drivers are critical in a new year, growth is perhaps the most important; after all, if you are not growing and advancing, you are on a downhill slide. As we head into 2015, we have the unique opportunity as a company to establish this as a baseline year to look at the bridges we are building to make sure our foundation is strong and can support the weight of future growth, traffic, success and time.

What an exciting time for all of us at Viridian! The Leadership Retreat served as a great reminder that Generation V is made up of a group of connectors, visionaries and executors. Together we are focused and driven to grow. There is no better opportunity than the Leadership Retreat—a weekend filled with 200 like-minded individuals in an intimate setting—to connect on a real and deep level and concur on where we are headed.

So make 2015 your best year yet. Resolve to rise to a new level this year. Ensure that we can save your seat at the 2016 Leadership Retreat. Now go forth toward excellence!