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Back in October 2010, thousands of members of Generation V attended the very first PowerUP! Can you imagine what they were thinking as they hopped in their cars or boarded planes for Atlantic City to take part in a then-unprecedented Viridian national event? Founder and CEO Michael Fallquist has said that he couldn’t sleep the night before the first PowerUP! (or any big Viridian event thereafter) because he was so excited about the news and opportunity Viridian had to share.

Like Michael, Partner Jackie Aguilar has had many sleepless nights since returning from the Amazon rainforest in Peru as part of our Amazon Preservation Project last week – and it’s not jet lag that’s to blame! Instead, with just a few days left before Accelerate, she – like many Viridian leaders – has been squeezing the most out of every waking hour in order to get as many of her team members and prospects to Dallas as possible. Why?

“You just never know what news Corporate is going to reveal at Accelerate,” Jackie explained. “I didn’t join this company to be mediocre. I don’t want to hear the announcements AFTER everyone else. I want to be in the room to hear Mike and Cami and Marty tell me themselves so I can act on the news and immediately share the excitement with my team at the Gaylord.”

Excitement was in abundant supply at Jackie’s first PowerUP!, this past September in Philadelphia. “The energy in that room was unbelievable. I got to meet people I had only heard about – visionary leaders like Joe O, Big John, Jerry Kersh and Terrie Walker,“ Jackie remembers. “I had the chance to walk right up to them and say: ‘How did you get to be so successful?’ And because Viridian is really like a family, these leaders took the time to mentor me and start relationships that have really benefitted my business and my growing team. I tell all my people this is why they have to be in the room at Accelerate. The training you get, the people you meet — this could be the event that changes everything for your Viridian business. ”

Since joining Viridian in September, Jackie has built a team of hundreds of Associates and is encouraging all of them to join her in Dallas with their top prospects. And odds are they’ll all be on their feet when Jackie takes the Accelerate stage on Sunday to talk about the ground-floor opportunity with Viridian in Texas!

Speaking of Texas, Gold Founder and Partner Bishop McCloud has a personal goal of bringing 100 people to Accelerate next week. “After 13 years in the energy industry I never imagined myself being able to partner with a company like Viridian,” Bishop said. “It is the best network marketing energy distribution ever. I feel like Texas is a premiere market with more and more consumers wanting to know about green, renewable energy products—and we’re the people to tell them. We need to sound the alarm. Accelerate is going to help us build that momentum. Everybody needs to be there whether they’re an Independent Associate or an Ambassador.”

Beyond sharing the Viridian opportunity in Texas, Bishop emphasizes that he’s looking forward to the important takeaways from Accelerate that are a key part of any Viridian event. And Jackie says she knows there will be a special announcement for the Hispanic market that her team will not want to miss.

The very first PowerUP attendees likely didn’t know they were about to step into Viridian history when they journeyed to Atlantic City almost six years ago. For those of you joining Viridian at our biggest Texas event to date – get ready. Accelerate is going to be an experience you never forget!