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Where in the World? JAMAICA 2017 by Director Kunal Jerath


I joined Viridian in February after having been introduced to Travel Light by an elementary school friend. I have a lot of friends and business colleagues that travel, and I figured it would be easy to introduce Travel Light during Wedding Photographyregular conversations. I was fortunate enough to qualify for the trip to Jamaica with the largest point total ou
t of all the Associates, thereby qualifying for an upgraded room and a trip for two! I invited a good friend from out of town to join me, and we had a fantastic time.  Not only did I get to experience a relaxing vacation,
but I also got to spend time with a friend from another city that I otherwise would not have seen for several months, in addition to getting know some of the senior management team Viridian, other Associates and their families.

Going into it, I thought that this trip was going to be sales-oriented, similar to when you get something for free if you sit through a presentation, like for a timeshare. Basically, something that you don’t want to do! That was certainly not the case. Corporate made it clear that you could do whatever you wanted, with no obligations—that made me want to learn even more about Viridian. They even Wedding Photographygave away $14,000 at the last dinner, giving us yet another reason to strive to qualify for these trips.

All in all, I had a blast in Jamaica. Given some things that have been causing me stress as of late, this was a great getaway at a great resort with fantastic people. I can’t wait for the next trip and encourage everyone to grow their respective networks so they can be part of it, too!

-Kunal Jerath, Director