It was great seeing so many people at this year’s PowerUP! conference. With so many like-minded individuals gathering together, the camaraderie was outstanding. I felt tons of good vibes from everyone there, which is important, because in order to succeed in this business, you’ve got to get the negativity out of your life. And PowerUP! is a great way to do just that, giving you the belief in yourself and the belief in what Viridian has to offer.

This year’s conference was exceptionally good, and I received tons of fantastic feedback from everyone with whom I spoke. Time will tell how good we do, but it’s an exciting time to be with Viridian. The recent addition of solar power into our repertoire differentiates us from everyone else in the market. In fact, I’d even say there’s no more competition in the market—the competition just got smoked.

PowerUP! certainly rejuvenated a lot of Associates. Prior to the conference, we’d hold meetings twice a week in our office that would draw current Associates who many times would come alone just to learn their trade a little better . After it, we’d have 20 people coming to each meeting bringing potential new Associates with them to see the business overview video. After the presentation, we would spend time with a Q&A session and then do some training. Today, the level of excitement has risen dramatically and I thank PowerUP! for that.

And it’s great to have new blood in the business—for everyone involved. If you have members of your downteam who have maybe given up on the business and won’t return your calls, texts or emails, stop chasing them. What’s easier: raising the dead back to life or having a new baby? If people aren’t going to take this serious and work the business, it’s time to move on. It’s as simple as that. Go out and find fresh faces.

There’s never an end to who you could recruit, either. Think about how many people you come across during the course of your day. We have a great product that practically sells itself. So strike up a conversation and make an appointment to show your business plan—you never know who might make a great addition to your team. And remember, the odds are that the next Viridian superstar that appears in your business will probably come from a friend of a friend of a friend and you haven’t even met that person yet. The wider you grow your business, the better the chances are for success. This is a numbers game and the people showing the business the most in the end will end up on top.