We Are Back from Sunny Aruba and Spirits Are Soaring

Here at Viridian, we’re fortunate that we often get to pack our bags, have our passports stamped and head off to some of the most exotic, breathtaking countries and islands on our precious planet—whether it’s for a global sustainability initiative or for an incentive trip (and some good R&R).

We are fresh off our five-day, sun-filled trip to Aruba and the Associates who journeyed with us are home sharing with their teams that next year we do not want to travel without them! One top leader said “This was hands-down the best vacation my wife and I have ever taken!” The leaders who earned the trip are reinvigorated; our corporate executives are full of shared ideas; and many who missed out on this particular incentive are already strategizing on how to earn their spot on the next one.

The goal of our yearly incentive trip is simple: it’s all about celebration. It’s a chance for us here at corporate to show our appreciation for all you do; it’s our opportunity to truly spoil you. What better way to do that than by inviting you to lounge by the ocean, sip on frosty beverages and enjoy bonding with likeminded individuals? We know how incredibly hard you work, so we want to make sure you have a vacation at least once a year that’s truly a vacation—in the sense that all the details are taken care of from the meals to the reservations to the activities.

For us at corporate, we make sure we do a lot of listening during the trip. We also ask a lot of questions, because it’s our opportunity to connect in a casual environment with people who are winning, leaders who are making a difference. From this we figure out what we need to modify as a business, we hold various team building sessions to grow together, and we host a casual gathering where everyone gets to ask questions of Michael and myself and share what’s on their minds.

This year’s trip hit the mark in many ways we hoped it would. We watched as new, rising leaders chatted ocean side with some of the most successful people in the business to learn new tips and strategies. We witnessed firsthand budding relationships form over dinner or on the catamaran. And we at corporate got to focus on getting to know our community better, really reaping all the input you gave us. Being around 100 percent performance-driven, quality leaders is what it’s all about.

Those who have succeeded in this business understand that nothing builds belief and community better than five days at an exotic locations connecting with other top achievers. The only regret many of our acclaimed leaders had after this trip was that they didn’t have more of their downteam alongside them, and will be focusing on the next one to help more members of their team set and achieve their goals.

At Viridian, we have four major events each year that should laser-focus every Associate serious about growing his or her business. The first is, of course, annual convention. Attendance at PowerUP! events, taking place this year from Sept. 5-7, is a no-brainer. In fact, research has shown that Associates who attend are six times more successful in the six months following convention than those who do not attend. (There is still time to register; click here to secure your spot!)

The second event is our annual Leadership Retreat that kicks off the start of a fresh year and presents the upcoming year’s business plan, promotions, and incentives. It’s an ideal time to get your head in the game and develop a strategy that will enable you to reach new heights as you begin the new year.

Next is our annual 7 Continents in 7 Years trip, which is a more exclusive top-shelf trip for the very top performers and new Platinum Partners. It’s for those who constantly have their eye on local and global stewardship and social consciousness while simultaneously focusing on growing their business in a focused, all-in capacity.

The incentive trip, like our most recent one to Aruba, is the event designed for everyone—regardless of rank. No one will stop you from earning your way to this trip except yourself and your own personal hurdles. A driving force for every single Associate should be how to meet each year’s promotion qualifications to earn a spot on the incentive trip. And if you know what it takes to secure your ticket, then it’s time to share the knowledge with your downteam so that you can all be there creating memories and building relationships that will last a lifetime.

Next year, I challenge us to see five times the number of Associates at the incentive trip because it will give us the chance to celebrate the power of YOU as you contribute to making a difference in the lives of thousands of members of the Generation V family and beyond. See you in September!