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RFP Spotlight March 2012
After 27 years of patrolling Chicago as a police officer, Lynn Casey admits she was ready for retirement and was in no way looking to take on a new career. But just five minutes into a Viridian opportunity meeting, she knew her plans were about to change.

Casey was just four days from retirement last July when Associate Debbie Poctzako invited her to a meeting.

“I didn’t want to go; I didn’t even want to talk to her about the business on the way to the meeting. My thoughts were if I did,
I’d be interested, and that was the last thing I wanted,” Casey recalled. “But she’s a friend so I humored her and went along. Within 15 minutes of hearing the Viridian proposition, I was writing down names of people to call.”

One component of the Viridian opportunity that especially stood out to Casey was the Residual Fundraising Program. She saw the larger picture of how utilizing Viridian’s RFP could kick­start her new business and help out organizations she supported at the same time.

“I worked with the Chicagoland Toys for Tots campaign in the past, so I made a presentation to them last November, just as their busy holiday season was moving into high gear,” she said. “The administrators saw it as a no­brainer for them, and they signed up on the spot.”

The annual Chicagoland Toys for Tots Motorcycle Parade stretches 17 miles, from the south side of Chicago to the north side, with thousands of motorcyclists participating every year. Casey has enrolled a number of parade participants as customers with Viridian, and expects to sign on even more this spring.

She has also made a presentation to various police associations with thousands of members. Her initial meetings have gone well, and she’s scheduled follow­up presentations. Even better, Casey has enrolled the Midway Baseball Association, a Spanish Little League organization.

“Now that Viridian is offering Spanish marketing materials, I can distribute material for this audience at their registration meetings, to help them understand what we’re all about,” Casey said. “My value proposition to them is ‘Get people enrolled to pay for lights for your new ballpark.’”

While her business is still in its infancy, Casey continues to expand, using her contacts to make presentations to other potential RFP candidates. While she looks back fondly on her years as a police officer, such dedication came with a price for Casey, as she missed many family occasions due to her shift work. But her work as a Viridian Associate has changed all that.

“Viridian is now providing me with the opportunity to make my own hours, and to be able to spend more time with my family,” she said. “I lost my brother a few years back, and his passing made me realize how precious time with family truly is. This company allows me the freedom to enjoy that, and to be able to financially take care of all the little ‘extras’ that pop up in life.”

Casey plans to continue to pursue RFP opportunities, but she hopes to broaden her audience and eventually speak publicly at more Viridian corporate venues as a company representative.

“I like being in front of a group,” she said. “I enjoy speaking, and being able to help people see the green connection. It’s become a passion for me, to set the example for everyone that this is indeed working.”

In a sense, Casey is still serving the public, just like she did for nearly three decades with the Chicago Police Department. But today she’s on a mission of a different kind. It’s one she knows will have a lasting impact on future generations, while providing tangible benefits for her and her family right now.