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Associate Spotlight December 2011
If you ask Executive Associate Maurice Frumkin of New York how he got started with Viridian, you get not only a quick glimpse of family ties at work, but also an idea of how residual income keeps flowing even if you leave the country.

His brother, Viridian Director Mitch Frumkin, owner of a successful engineering firm, introduced Maurice to the company over lunch about nine months ago.

“He said ‘This is something that doesn’t come along very often, and you need to learn more about this,’” Maurice recalled. So with prodding from his older brother, Maurice attended some introductory meetings, and was eventually enrolled as an Associate by Mitch’s son, Seth.

Seth had joined the company about two months before Maurice, and was so excited about the prospect that he left the business he was working for to concentrate on his Viridian efforts full time.

“Seth, my direct up­line, has done very well for himself,” Maurice said. “He’s now going to go to Israel for a year to study, and will continue managing his Viridian business from over there. Even while he’s away, his residual income will continue to arrive every month. What other business allows you to do that?”

Meanwhile, Maurice has made inroads of his own, thanks in part to his mentor, New Jersey Senior Director Michael Fitzpatrick. “Mike has been a tremendous coach. Even though I’ve only known him for about six months, I respect the fact that he’s worked closely with me and has been there whenever I’ve needed him,” Maurice said.

Many individuals have impacted the Frumkins; an illustration of the unique and strong Viridian culture they credit for their success. Despite having had three separate, successful careers—as an engineer, in financial services marketing, and in education—Maurice is continually impressed by the across­ the­board encouragement he experiences from Viridian every day. “From a team standpoint, I’ve never seen so much support from the corporate level, as well as from the up­team and the cross­ team. Everywhere you go, people are boosting each other.” That support allows Maurice to reach for his Why. “This company gives me the perfect vehicle to control my destiny. I always felt like I was moving from job to job, and always looking for more control,” he said. “With Viridian I’m getting to manage my destiny, and the thought of finally achieving it is my driving force with this company.”

One way he’s doing that is by utilizing Viridian’s new Business Builder Kit, which he characterizes as one of the best things the company has come out with since he’s been an Associate. Frumkin cites all the valuable tools within the BBK, and calls it a great help in terms of mentoring his team. “I’ve listened to all the CDs at least four or five times each,” he said.

Maurice Frumkin acknowledges he’s in it for the long haul. “My vision is to really become the leader I know I can be, so I can help as many people as possible who are searching for what I was looking for,” he said. “I hope to help others achieve their dreams. I tell people I was determined to change my life, and I’m committed to doing that. This company is the perfect vehicle to do it.”