Viridian: The Next Chapter

Today is a big day. You may have heard it called “A New Day for Viridian” because it is. I firmly believe we hit a milestone today that will result in bigger and better things for Viridian in ways we can now only imagine. By now you have heard that I have chosen to take a step back from the day-to-day management of Viridian. I have assumed a role on the Board of Directors and selected a strategic partner to run Viridian as an exclusive network marketing company that will partner with Crius as its exclusive energy partner.

I believe firmly in the future of Viridian. Seven years ago I set out on a journey. I founded a little company called Viridian with one simple mission: Give people an opportunity to choose energy that could be affordable AND great for the environment. That was it. A simple idea. Many of you believed in me and made the vision a reality. Since then we’ve changed many lives.

We’ve blessed people around the world who have been a part of our sustainability mission. We’ve impacted the future of the energy industry by being a catalyst for change, avoiding more than 7 billion pounds of carbon to date. We’ve changed the lives of so many of our independent Associates who have trusted us with their dreams and have become better, more successful people because of their interactions with Viridian. And, most personally for me, Viridian has changed my life. I have grown as a leader, I have met people I will consider friends for a lifetime, I have shared memories I will never lose, and I have watched with pride as the little idea I had years ago has grown into a well-respected and growing enterprise.

But, today, I know just as strongly as I ever have that Viridian has truly only just begun. Our potential, our legacy, our impact, our reach, our sphere of influence – these are so much larger than what we have accomplished so far. What we have accomplished pales in comparison to what Viridian will yet accomplish.

I know that for Viridian to reach its fullest potential will require strong, dedicated and committed leadership. And I believe strongly that the company needs a new leadership team to take it in this direction. This is not a decision I have taken lightly but I am absolutely convinced it is in the company’s best interest. We have found the right CEO for this new chapter in Paul Booth: His influence, strategic mind, business acumen and passion for network marketing are unparalleled. And Cami Boehme, by Paul’s side, will ensure the Viridian legacy remains intact and will be the solid, committed leader the company needs to continue to execute its vision. And along with Paul and Cami, Robert McFadden, Charla Gervers and the entire Viridian team are passionate, strategic, talented and dedicated to taking Viridian to new heights.

Today’s news will mean very little for you right away– your websites will be the same, your VCenter, compensation plan, products, training, event schedule, processes, etc.– all will stay the same in the immediate future. But I can tell you that the future holds significant and exciting changes that you will hear about soon from Paul and Cami. Although stepping down is a difficult path for me to take, I am the first to praise the strengths that Viridian has as a company:  Our culture, our vision, our people, our leadership, our passion, the brand and legacy we have built are all without comparison. I am confident Paul and his team will hold fast to that vision while adding on the necessary elements to support expansion and growth of what will become one of the most prominent and well-respected network-marketing companies in the world.

The new Viridian will be in charge of its own destiny and will be able to make decisions through the lens of what is best for the dedicated Associates responsible for its growth. Taking Viridian private and separating it from Crius will allow Paul and his team to execute freely, to honor and celebrate the relationship they have with Associates, to expand within and outside of the energy space and to move quickly to respond to new opportunity when it arises. Put simply, the new Viridian is poised for growth like never before and has the right leadership team to take Viridian to $1billion in revenue and beyond.

Welcome to the new Viridian! I am so grateful to each of you for your trust, your vision, your willingness to be on this journey with me, and for the contributions you have made to Viridian’s story. I look forward to seeing the next chapter that you will write and I will be watching, cheering and supporting from the sidelines as you all help Viridian reach its fullest potential. Here’s to decades of sustainable growth and changing lives around the world.

Your founder,
Michael Fallquist