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Associate Spotlight June 2013
The one truism about the “average” Viridian Associate is that there isn’t one. Even so, one wouldn’t necessarily expect a major Viridian connection to happen on the trading floor of the Chicago Board of Trade.

But on April 16, 2012, that’s exactly where Director Ginni McGathey met Director Rick Herdrich and had an immediate meeting of the minds. Or, as Ginni put it, “We shared a common understanding that the light of prosperity in our business was behind us and fading fast.”
Adding to that was Ginni’s growing realization that while she’d been very successful in her career, even providing employment for several family members, she had hoped to experience greater satisfaction.

All it took was one conversation and Ginni was sold on the Viridian opportunity: “I challenged Rick to sum up the idea in one sentence. He did, and it was all I needed to hear. I told him I would definitely go to his meeting. Lucky for me, Joe Occhiogrosso was the guest speaker that evening, and five days later, at the next meeting, it was Bob Quintana. The day after that I spoke to Platinum Partner John Pyontek on the third­party call. It was quite the 1­2­3 punch, and from that moment on I was all in.

“And incidentally,” she added, “I’ve collaborated with Rick nearly every single day since we met.”

Although she didn’t consider herself to be particularly “green” before joining Viridian, Ginni has fully embraced Viridian’s mission of sustainability. “Sustainability carries the day,” she explained. “If not for sustainability, Viridian would not have the thrust that it has—that’s the fire behind the greater good.
Everyone wants to be part of something, and Viridian allows us to tap into that altruistic part of ourselves.

“The money is wonderful, and I do believe that it is small businesses like the ones we Associates have that’s going to bring this economy back,” she said. “I’m the sixth of nine children and seven of us now are Viridian Associates. My ‘Why’ has evolved from a strong desire for financial freedom to a passion to help my family and friends achieve it as well. And the excitement of actually making a living by working toward a positive collective impact has transformed my spirit. I have an extreme sense of well­being that has opened me up to enjoy the fruits of life on every level. I have so much gratitude for that—I don’t take it lightly.

“I thought Viridian might be too good to be true,” she went on. “But it’s the real deal. I’m thankful that Viridian has given us this vehicle to be the best of who we are. To actually see my personal impact on friends and colleagues for a greater good is satisfying beyond anything I ever hoped for.

“I am thrilled to be working toward success side by side with my family, who have always been my best friends. I never could have dreamed this would be possible. I want to extend my appreciation to Michael Fallquist for the opportunity to participate in the manifestation of his extraordinary vision.”