Joe O: Uncovering the Power of the Three Way Call - Part Two

In my last post, we examined the importance of making three-way calls when it comes to growing your business. Viridian has a great network of intelligent, helpful people, and it’s important that we support one another in our profession.

So once you’re on that three-way phone call, what do you do then? I’ll tell you.

First off, it’s imperative that you help a prospective Associate understand that when they join Viridian it’s free to sell the product, it’s green, it’s many times more powerful than recycling and it can help everyone save some money on their electric bills when Viridian supplies their energy. With all of those benefits in mind—make sure they understand them—you then tell them that hundreds of thousands of people are going to choose Viridian in the next year or so.

Why? Because utility companies now let consumers choose where our energy comes from. If you can choose where your energy comes from, why wouldn’t you choose an environmentally-friendly, more affordable alternative? To me and countless other people, it’s a no brainer. So why not participate in that movement?

Some people tell me that they don’t have any spare time to make these phone calls. But this is too important not to make some space in your week for it.

After you pick up the phone, let prospective Associates know that there are people not half as smart as they are and not half as connected as they are who are going to make a fortune in residual income over the next few years simply from showing this program and making some phone calls in their spare time. It’s really as easy as that.

It’s not hard to succeed in this business. So what are you waiting for? Show the program and pick up the phone.