Can you eclipse 100,000 customers in six months? That sounds impossible, doesn’t it?

Well, the fact of the matter is it’s not. In fact, that’s exactly what Frank and I did more than three years ago. No one has come close to doing that since then, despite the fact that we had less than half of the tools we have today at our disposal.

So what’s stopping you? Only yourself.

The fact of the matter is all coaches can’t only pat their players on the back. Sometimes they have to offer tough love in order to encourage their players to improve.

Think about it: Here we have a product—electricity—that everybody uses every single day. Thanks to energy deregulation, consumers are able to choose where that electricity comes from. These days, people are increasingly living their lives in environmentally-conscious ways, which is perfect for us. In addition to the product being green, it saves our customers money.

Over 80 percent of the general population is still unaware that they can freely opt to use green energy to power their homes. The potential here is significant, and I truly believe we are at the beginning of a huge movement.

We have a proven system that works. There’s no cold calling, no junk emails and no cheap sales gimmicks. Simply put: The system works. We have lots of people making $5,000, $10,000, even $30,000 every month. There’s no reason that can’t be you.

If Frank and I did it, you can, too.