Everyone has a different skill set to bring to the table. Some people are best at writing code for computer programs, some are best at playing the saxophone and others are best at finding new cures for diseases.

Being successful in any industry often requires specific skill sets, and the direct selling arena is no different. Many people make excellent direct sellers, but just as not every kid who grows up wanting to play Major League Baseball gets a crack at it, not everyone is cut out for this industry either.

I was recently asked what kind of characteristics could be indicative of success in the business of onboarding new Associates and customers for Viridian, so I thought it would be helpful to explore three such traits.

Be personable: You can’t really sugarcoat the fact that in life there are some people that just turn you off when you talk to them. In order to be successful at Viridian, you should be someone that people like. You’ve got to be personable. The whole goal here is to get people to sit down with you and see the Viridian business. The warmer and more inviting you are, the better position you put yourself in to be successful. Remember, you’re not selling the products, you’re selling the meeting. Use your personality to get them to see the video presentation and good things will happen for you.
Be confident: Viridian is a great company and it offers great products. But not everyone is going to jump at the first chance to sign up for the program. You have to believe in what you’re doing. And you cannot be afraid of someone saying no to you because I promise you, that will happen from time to time… even to the best of us. Your confidence will attract people to you. People follow people who are confident in themselves and their business. Have you ever noticed when a person with confidence walks into a room? The whole room looks at that person and is wondering what he or she does for a living. You want to be that person.
Be passionate: It’s not about you being in Viridian; it’s about Viridian being in you. People are attracted to passion and drive, and it’s important that you radiate both of them. I know a lot of people in the business who are passionate about what they’re doing, and the ones who aren’t don’t achieve the same level of success. Did you ever notice that throughout your life the things that you’ve been most successful at were the ones you were most passionate about? Do you think that a great guitar player has a strong passion for music? Your success in Viridian will be reflective of your level of passion.

What leadership traits do you feel are critical to succeed in this business? Let me know in the comment box.