Top Ten By 2020

The wave of recent accomplishments and milestones for Viridian is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Just three months into 2014, we have celebrated the announcement of President Meredith Berkich as one of the most influential women in the network marketing industry worldwide; we have commemorated the announcement of Crius Energy as the energy supplier of the year; and we have experienced a record surge of customer and Associate enrollments fueled by the Viridian $5 million challenge.

While the recent recognition and growth has been tremendous and should be celebrated, I am always focused on the long-term and know that we still have more work to do to accomplish all our long-term goals.

One of my primary long-term goals is for Viridian to receive recognition as a top 10 network marketing company in the world by 2020. For the second year in a row, Viridian made the Direct Selling News (DSN) Top 100 list. We are excited about our placement in this year’s DSN rankings, released next month, as we experienced strong year over year growth and expect our position to be the highest yet in our short history. But now it’s time to break out from the middle of the pack and move toward the upper echelon of that list. Driving Viridian into the top 10 is a lofty goal and one that requires us to generate over $1 billion in revenue annually. But, in my opinion, it’s a goal that is attainable and in sight as we execute on our business plan over the next five years.

We already know that we have what it takes to emerge in the top 10. We are in the right industry (green energy) at the right time (one of tremendous change). We have incredible field leadership and a corporate team committed to drive this success.

I want to end by having each of you visualize that moment when we make it to the top 10 in the network marketing industry. Think of the pride you will feel. Think of the lives that we will have changed. Think of the impact we will have on the environment, locally and globally. It will be nothing short of awesome.

I’m committed to this goal. Together, let’s make history.