Top Reasons to Attend PowerUP! 2016: GenV Reunion

PowerUP2015_Ampy_00748 There are so many reasons to attend PowerUP! 2016 (Sept. 30 to Oct. 2, National Harbor, Maryland).

This week, Viridian Ambassadors Rae Ann and Brian Nichols share their excitement about coming together with members of GenV at this year’s premier event.

PowerUP! is your chance to come together with your Viridian friends and family. We go every year to do just that. We also go to get energized and inspired … ready to rip anew into this business.

You get a tremendous benefit from being there live and in-person. You will be able to share the excitement of the program and experience real-time product announcements, speeches and recognition awards along with everyone else in the room.

Being with personal friends and connections we’ve made through our Viridian business is especially poignant at PowerUP!, where our extended family can celebrate successes as well as learn about new avenues for growth together.

Each year, we spend a great deal of time at PowerUP! talking to people who are new to the business or coming up in the ranks. We coordinate groups for networking so they can mingle with and learn from Associates who have made it to the top. You get to find out how they got where they are because you’re belly-to-belly with them, sharing tips and techniques.

The camaraderie also helps you come out of your shell. Five years ago, I [Rae Ann] wouldn’t get up in front of people and talk. Now, thanks to Viridian, I’ve gotten up on stage at PowerUP! and talked to thousands and thousands of people without freezing up or being uncomfortable. I tell everybody how I got to where I am, and the journey along the way.

That’s what PowerUP! is all about. Even if just one person in the audience connects with your experience, it’s a win for you and for them. You get to change people’s lives. That’s what happens with us anyway.

We won the Ampy Award for Top Mentor a few years back because we helped to guide more new Associates along than anyone else in the business that year. PowerUP! is part of that process—mentoring Associates on how to be successful, basically teaching them the most profitable way to do the business. That’s the whole philosophy behind what we do.

Sure, we’re in the business for the income opportunity, but along the way we made a lot of friends and helped those friends become successful. PowerUP! is a big part of that process. It’s an enlightening, exciting, fun, getting-to-know-everyone, learning experience. Besides gaining knowledge from top producers in network marketing—like this year’s keynote speaker Eric Worre—PowerUP! participants will be able to attend classes on the different steps to take to be successful in the business.

And Ampy Awards, voted on by your peers, are not just for Partners and Ambassadors. Anyone can win an Ampy. It’s all based on a specific category—like VLife, Integrity and Sustainability—and the action you took in that category in the last year. It’s a huge honor, as not a lot of the awards are given out compared to the number of people in the field.

If you want to increase your earnings potential and friends and protect the environment … that is, if you want to do anything of merit in this business, you’ve got to come to PowerUP!

PowerUP! is a great opportunity to learn firsthand from the pros in our business and industry. These professionals will fuel your drive to boost your Viridian business long after you leave Washington, D.C. This year the focus will be on doing just that: elevating your business, your life, your purpose. Take advantage of PowerUP! 2016. Join us to be transformed and inspired like never before!


With the recent announcement of a new direction for Viridian, PowerUP! now offers the added bonus of hearing directly from our new leaders on future growth plans for the company.