Top Reasons to Attend PowerUP! 2016: Premium Networking

PowerUP2015_General Session 2_00311There are so many reasons to attend PowerUP! 2016 that we can’t possibly cover them all at once. As we countdown to the big event, we will highlight the top reasons why you should make every effort to participate. This week, Viridian Partner Ken Cloutier shares his thoughts on the great networking opportunities you’ll experience at the year’s biggest event.

This is your time … the time to make a pivotal change in your life by attending PowerUP! 2016.

I used to think I didn’t have enough time—I was way too busy to even look around. Yet, I was only 11 days into this business when my Viridian mentor, Partner Brian Dalmaso, urged me to go to PowerUP! 2014. He said, “Come meet the people who are here to help you grow as an individual, grow as a businessperson, expand your network and improve all aspects of your life.”

Brian was insistent, but the timing conflicted with another activity that was very important to me. The sacrifice I had to make to be there weighed heavily on my mind: I was going to miss my 11-year-old son’s first ice hockey game of the season. I’d been his coach since he was three years old and I’d never missed a practice or game in eight years. I had a conversation with my son and it hurt. But it only hurt me. He told me, “Dad, go do it.”

That was my pivotal moment: it changed my life. Since then, I would never miss a PowerUP! event.

The event elevates who you are. It elevates your life in such a different, magnificent way. If you don’t go, you don’t get that feeling. Sure, a colleague can bring it back home to you and talk to you about it, but there’s nothing like being there. As Ambassador John Pyontek has explained, it’s like walking out of the World Series in the seventh inning because your team is behind, when all of a sudden your team comes back in the ninth to win. But, you left the game because you thought you were going to lose. You were there, but you didn’t experience the win. You didn’t feel the same elation as the people who stayed in the stands.

At PowerUP! 2014, I got to meet some incredibly successful people who took the time to talk to me on a personal level and show concern for me. They didn’t know if I was going acquire a single customer in this business, yet Viridian has this unique team-like culture. The way we network is why this company grows. There’s no single person driving the business; everyone works together. They actually want you to reach out to them. I would do anything for any person in this business as long as I felt I could help them be better, impact their lives and help them onboard a new Associate.

The people you meet and interact with at PowerUP! can become both great business connections and great friends. The bonds you create with these people are what it’s all about.

This happened to me with Partners Ellen and Scott Struber, who live in Washington, D.C.

They are in a completely different market than I am—I live in Massachusetts. However, I have a friend who moved to the D.C. area before I had a chance to show him the business. The Strubers sat down with my friend and trained and educated him, along with me on the phone. Technically, they’re starting a new business for me in a different market. They’re also great friends. In fact, I’ll be hanging out with them and staying at their home one night during PowerUP! 2016—something I’m very much looking forward to on a personal level.

This is how our Viridian culture works—to enhance the lives of each person. What this company has done for me is truly remarkable. It propels me and the people around me to new heights. I thought I was at a personal growth cap, but my partners saw things in me that I didn’t even know existed. In turn, you start doing the same for other people.
PowerUP2015_General Session 2_00295At one of these events, I was up on stage—being recognized for a rank advancement to Partner—and was handed the microphone. It was just an empowering moment and something came over me. I was suddenly able to overcome my shyness and fear of public speaking. I felt like I was all over the place, but afterward, Ambassadors Jim and Lisa Kenny, some of our top income earners in this company, came up to me. They told me they were deeply touched by a feeling I had shared: “I’m not in Viridian. Viridian is in me.”

I hope you can understand the positive impact Viridian can make in your life. If your business challenges are mounting, your motivation flagging, please—for your own sake and the sake of the people within your circle—come to PowerUP! You will be glad you did.

PowerUP! is a great opportunity to learn first-hand from the pros in our business and industry. These professionals will fuel your drive to boost your Viridian business long after you leave Washington, D.C. This year the focus will be on doing just that: elevating your business, your life, your purpose. Take advantage of PowerUP!2016!  Join us to be transformed and inspired like never before!

With the announcement this week of a new direction for Viridian, PowerUP! now offers the added bonus of hearing directly from our new leaders on future growth plans for the company.