Catalysts for Change

Every day, beginning with the first stirrings in our minds, to the last waking moments for the day we make millions of choices. These choices range from the absent-minded decisions like hitting the snooze button just one more time, to the conscious choice to leave the corporate machine and venture into business for ourselves. Each moment, we’re making choices that have an impact on our everyday lives.

Many of us live every day making only unconscious choices, essentially floating through each day without an end goal in mind. But, why? Doesn’t it make more sense, instead of living each day like a log adrift in a current, to live your days with intention? Shouldn’t we spend more of our days deliberately driving towards what makes us happy – be that personal fulfilment, successful business ventures, sharing experiences with loved ones or even commitment to teaching others? What impact would it make on your personal well-being if you asked yourself, more than once a year as a resolution, “What will I do different?” How much could you ensure your own growth and evolution if you asked and answered this once a month?  Once a week? Once a day?

When you answered the question last, did you commit to that change? The theory of evolution is a distant concept for many because of the millions of lifetimes it would take to witness the path from simple creature to the relative brilliance of humanity today.  But we don’t have to look that far to see that we can evolve as individuals.

As infants, we haven’t yet learned that we can walk. It’s not that we can’t, only that at this point, it’s a foreign concept.  So what happens when our favorite toy is just out of reach? We are compelled, by no other force than our own will, to commit to learning that skill. The moment we realize this need, we choose to commit to our own growth. There is no can or cannot; only the distance between us and the toy that must be overcome.  So we rock back and forth on the seat of our pajamas, the first of a series of movements training us to make our bodies work for us.  With each movement, we train ourselves to reach for the goal, and set new goals along the way.  By the time we’re ambling about content with toy in hand, new goals have been set and the path towards them already begun.

So what do we regard as the first step towards walking? Is it the day we first stood? Perhaps the first time we rolled on to our hands and knees to crawl?  Or was it the simpler and most invisible in the chain of events – our recognition of a desire, the decision to attain, and the commitment to achieve? As people, we’re wired to change our existence to ensure that we reach greater heights.  Every day, every moment is an opportunity to change our destiny. Today, right now, choose to do, be, and experience more of what you want for yourself. The only thing remaining between you and your goal will be to take the second step.