Tips for Building Your Business During the Holidays


The holiday season is almost upon us and it can be the perfect time of year to build your Viridian business! Here are a few tips to help initiate conversations so you can build out your prospect list and invite contacts to see the Viridian Business Overview over the break.

Tip 1: Start a conversation! Sounds simple, right? It is! Keep your conversation approach casual, using F.O.R.M. (Family, Occupation, Recreation and Motivation) as a guide. Questions such as “How have you been? What have you been up to? How’s the family? How’s work? What sports are you into right now? What is your New Year’s resolution?” What is the last movie you saw? What is the last book you read?” can help break the ice. Most importantly, be you! Don’t feel like you have another motive for speaking with them. Instead, be genuinely interested in their life and the conversation. Remember, you are looking for a way to help them IF any needs arise during the conversation.

Tip 2: Use the 20/80 rule—20% of the time you are asking questions, 80% of the time you are listening to answers. Be a great listener and you will uncover a person’s needs and discover a way to ultimately help them.

Tip 3: If you establish some needs in the conversation and it feels right, you can use the Partnered, Specialises, Help and Share invite method. For example “So sorry to hear that Jill lost her job, and just before Christmas, too. I might have something that could help you. Mary and I recently Partnered with a company that actually Specialises in Helping people earn an extra income working from home. We’ve only been doing it for a few months and we are doing really well with it. Let me buy you a coffee and I’ll Share with you what we are doing, it could really Help you both.” Then, while consulting you calendar, ask, “Which day works best for you, Monday or Thursday? 10am or 2:30pm?” and make sure to set the appointment before ending the interaction.

Tip 4: If the timing doesn’t feel right to make an invite, add them to your contact list with a few notes on the conversation you had. Give yourself a time to follow up with that person and stick it!

There are so many people who need a change or are making New Year’s resolutions, so find out how you can help them reach their goals. Follow these easy steps and you will have great success in growing your business over this holiday season!