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The Rev. Edmund Nadolny, of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Connecticut, has tried all sorts of fundraisers

Sustainability Spotlight August 2010
When a man named Ted knocked on Nadolny’s door and told him about Viridian, Nadolny knew he had found something special.

“It took me about 13 seconds; I saw it right away,” Nadolny said.

He quickly became a Viridian Associate and customer, seeing significant savings on the first bill he received on
Viridian’s service. . After realizing the potential Viridian offers, Nadolny took advantage of Viridian’s nonprofit organization fundraising program by starting the Father Nadolny Good
News Fund which aims to offers savings to customers while supporting his cause..

Nadolny oversees a program that helps families host, and potentially adopt, orphan children from the Ukraine. The children range in age from 7 to 11 and come from a variety of tough backgrounds.
Transportation, education and basic living costs quickly add up, but Nadolny tries to supplement the expense as much as possible through the fund. . Unlike other fundraisers Nadolny has used, the Viridian program is residual and allows Nadolny to focus on what he loves: helping people.

“This is the best fundraiser we’ve ever had,” Nadolny said.

Since joining Viridian in March, Nadolny has raised $3,000 for the Good News Fund, not to mention the money he saves on his monthly energy bill.

“We’re not selling anything,” Nadolny said. “We’re saving money. I’ve got a pharmacy saving $600.”

Through the Viridian program, customers indicate a nonprofit organization to fund while paying their energy bills. The individual bill doesn’t cost a penny more, but $2 each month is given to help the indicated program, like Nadolny’s Good News Fund. With each month’s bill, a customer can save money, raise money for nonprofits and help the environment through Viridian’s use of renewable energy.

Nadolny has been very active in seeking potential Associates, whom he refers to as “disciples.” Through their combined efforts, a large network has developed. Currently, the Good News Fund receives funds from hundreds of individuals, a number that is constantly growing. Nadolny said he has often lent the initial startup fee to potential disciples who, Nadolny asserts confidently, always manage to quickly sign up their first 15 customers and make back the investment

“If you don’t have the money, I’ll lend you the money,” Nadolny said.

Beyond the fundraising business, Nadolny is quick to point out to individuals the cost­saving and environmental benefits of making the switch to Viridian. One couple approached Nadolny for marriage counseling, to which he happily obliged. He didn’t charge for counsel; he simply told the couple they would need to sign up for Viridian.

After joining Viridian, Nadolny said he was told by other Associates that the elderly are often reluctant to become Viridian customers. His experience has suggested quite the contrary, in that many of his best customers are elderly couples and individuals who live on a fixed income.

“I’m not too bright,” Nadolny said, “but just do the math. You’re helping the environment and you’re saving money.”

With more people hearing about Viridian every day, the Good News Fund continues to grow, opening doors for Nadolny’s work and making more opportunities available to the children the program assists. As for Nadolny, he looks forward to helping more and more people save money, and finding host families to care for the children.

“The beautiful part is that there’s no end to it,” Nadolny said. “It’s better than a 401K, you’re not going to lose it.”