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The NEW American Dream ­ Viridian Batting 1000

RFP Spotlight September 2010
Viridian Associate Paul Schaffer from Danbury, Conn. has his finger on the pulse of the NEW American dream—baseball, the environment and saving money.

Schaffer recently held a celebrity fundraising breakfast (featuring former Yankee pitcher Tommy John) that covered
all three of these dreams. As treasurer of the Danbury Westerners of the New England Collegiate Baseball League (NECBL), Schaffer utilized Viridian’s fundraising program to provide the team a residual source of income that has proven very beneficial.

“Even Red Sox and Yankees fans can agree—this a good thing,” Schaffer said.

Schaffer has a sharp eye for a good thing. Once he understood the power of the Viridian fundraising program, Schaffer was unstoppable. He saw from the beginning that the program was different from anything he had seen; it was easy to understand, and had a powerful potential to help the team earn much­needed funds.

And once he built it, people came. Over 400 baseball fans attended the fundraising breakfast. Along with the good food, fans learned how they could have a triple positive impact—support the Westerners, help save the environment and save money on their utility bill.

Schaffer’s work with the breakfast and other innovative marketing techniques ensured that the Westerners were the first non­profit organization to reach the rank of Marketing Professional with Viridian Energy.

Schaffer felt networking was a natural fit for the Danbury Westerners because it was something they were already doing. At every home game, the team honors other not­for­profit organizations through a pre­game announcement, an inclusion in the game­day program and sometimes even letting them throw the first pitch. For Schaffer, it’s really about getting the word out any way he can, especially since he believes so strongly in Viridian’s product.

Independent Associate Chris Catania introduced Schaffer to Viridian. Immediately, Schaffer was impressed to meet a sponsor that would never abandon him. “We’ve had deals in the past where sponsors signed up for a year and then forget about us,” Schaffer said of traditional fundraising efforts.
Schaffer suggests other non­profits should follow this three­part recipe for success: Make sure you understand and believe in the product
Have a committed group of volunteers Always be available to provide support

As for Paul Schaffer and the Danbury Westerners, they’ve helped their fans reduce their bills, received financial support for themselves, and helped Viridian grow. “At the end of the day this is a win for all three of us,” Schaffer said.