By: Team V; co-authored by Jim Kenny, Ed Kenny, Brenden Kenny and Michael FitzPatrick

Growing up, the four of us have always been a tight group and the family business has always been in our DNA, starting with Jim, Ed and Brenden’s father (Michael’s grandfather) who began a family-operated printing business during WWII. Ed and Brenden also have 15 years of experience working together in the telecom industry prior to the four of us joining heads at Viridian Energy.

We always craved that unbelievable working experience to partake in together, and Viridian was the perfect vehicle to do so. The company brought out the best in each of us and came into our family at just the right time. After four years working together at Viridian, bringing things full circle in the form of Team V was a natural progression and a perfect fit. We all decided, committed and never looked back.

What made Viridian such a perfect fit was seeing that the opportunity was right in our backyard, so to speak. Ed boasts roots in Maryland and actively supports the surrounding Virginia and DC regions, Jim and Mike have a strong hand in New Jersey, New York and Illinois, and Brenden hones in on Massachusetts. We have coverage for our entire team in all of our markets—all within a two or three-hour drive—but we also knew that we could make this business even bigger to support a national market. Team V continues developing strong leaders in key markets, positioning themselves favorably throughout the country as Viridian continually grows and diversifies. Right now, for example, we’re working closely in Illinois, Ohio and California. We have a concrete support system in key markets so when you join Team V, you benefit from extraordinary local and national support to help you capitalize on this growth.

A few things have enabled the four of us to rapidly climb the ranks and see so much success at Viridian. For starters, we always keep a “family first” mentality; not every day is a good one, and it’s nice to know that when we wake up we have three other resources as a 24×7 support system. Also, since there are four of us, we are able to leverage each others’ skill sets and talents. For example, Jim is very analytical; he is great at forecasting the growth of our business. Meanwhile, Ed has a high emotional IQ and an adaptable nature, enabling him to bring a great sense of support to our team and others as well as work with various personality types. Brenden is a great presenter and does an excellent job of sharing our vision, spreading the excitement and getting people onboard and involved. And Michael brings a powerful energy and creativity to the group, along with mentoring and training for personal development.

In a period of economic flux where many are stuck in the middle of a career change or are unemployed, something new and financially promising is not just a want—it’s a need. Corporate America has changed drastically over the years, driving more people to explore the options of starting a business for themselves. Sadly, a 2014 poll from Express Employment Professionals reveals that nearly half of unemployed Americans are on the verge of giving up on looking for a job they really want. We’re here to tell you that you can’t let weariness consume you when an opportunity like this, with Viridian, is readily available for the taking.

We know firsthand how Viridian can be the light at the end of the tunnel in a period of uncertainty or instability. We never intended this to be a career path; it just so happened that an opportunity with an amazing company—one making an insurmountable impact in the world—fell into our laps while going from point A to B. It clicked on all levels for us.

We know how challenging starting a new business can be, but we also know that if you put in the work from the beginning, you can bridge the gap and achieve your goals. Although Team V has climbed the ranks fast and secured its spot at the top, we still work incredibly hard each and every day to empower our team of Associates with the strongest resources and support, encouraging them every step of the way up the ladder. We know what it takes to get there because we were once there ourselves. We don’t just tell people what to do; we first do it and then show them how we did it, empowering them to follow our footsteps.

When you align a good family business with a company that already acts like a family, it enables those involved to create unparalleled success. That’s why we believe that together, Viridian and Team V have been able to accomplish what we have since our team’s inception. When you join Team V, you can expect to receive support from four of the strongest players in the game; it’s support like you’ve never had it before. When you come onboard, you don’t just become another Associate—you become a part of our family.

They say two is better than one, but four is like firing on all cylinders. Team V is in major growth mode right now, and we’re just getting started. We bring unwavering dedication and reliability to the table to support you as you make this transformative career move in life. As we look toward the future, we strive to continually grow and to create even more success stories of Associates on our team whose lives were changed as a result of being part of Team V and Viridian.

We want our team of Associates to buckle in for the ride of a lifetime. We want you to come along for the journey. Life is all about decisions. We think that being part of this opportunity will prove to be one of the best decisions you have ever made. You want change in your life? Hop on the Team V train and you won’t be upset!