Every year—and week for that matter—you, our incredible field, does a myriad of things to set you apart from others in the network marketing space. Sometimes it’s the way you prospect, in that you take the time to understand your warm market and figure out why the opportunity makes sense for each individual. Often it’s the way you lead corporate events; your passion and commitment when you take the stage is magnetic. And it’s even in the way you so diligently educate the public that they have a choice when it comes to electricity, natural gas and solar.

Here at corporate, we are constantly inspired by you and your steadfast commitment to differentiating yourself. And we like to think we match you from time to time. Take our annual Sustainability Report as an example. Our voluntary report, a chief differentiator, elucidates on our industry leadership, dedication to credibility and validation of our products and business model. We hold values such as transparency and accountability close to our core, never losing sight of the fact that one simple choice can create a ripple effect with the power to change the world. 

The Sustainability Report is a leading prospecting tool and one you need to keep by your side to enjoy unprecedented customer and Associate enrollment (especially with the Thrive in 5 Rewards Challenge still in full effect). It’s a true educational piece and sharing it with prospects will enlighten them about our mission in an organic way. So what pages should you earmark? I’ll share some of my favorites:

  • Page 11, the Generation V Section: There is so much to point out in the Generation V section; after all, it’s a vivid snapshot of who we are. But I encourage you to start with the Matt Johnson profile. He states, “I tell everyone, if you find something that’s more gratifying than having a personal hand in writing the history book of America’s evolution from brown energy to green, then go for it. But I don’t think you will.” Share that quote with your prospects and watch as they experience that “A-ha!” moment for the first time.
  • Page 24, the Improved Product Section: Brochures can feel cumbersome and text-heavy at times. For an alternative, leave the Sustainability Report with your prospects and open it to page 24, which details our products and practices. There is a spread on electricity, natural gas and solar. This section highlights the individual and collective impact of each of our products and boasts incredible infographics about the power of Gen V’s choices.
  • Pages 44-45, the Brazil Spread: It’s incredibly impressive what we do on a local level; just take a look at this year’s Earth Month calendar as proof! But it is equally—if not more—impressive what we do at a global level. Show prospects our Brazil spread as proof of concept that we continue to embark on international service projects and global betterment. Global awareness is a chief cornerstone here at Viridian.
  • Page 62, the 2013 REC Reporting Spread: Boy… what a truly impressive page! Just take a look at the pie charts that illustrate the total number of RECs and voluntary RECs purchased last year. The visuals show that we more than doubled our voluntary purchasing and purchased over a million RECs in one reporting year which is certainly noteworthy.
At the end of the day, the Sustainability Report evidences our individual and collective impact. It provides qualitative and quantitative reasons as to why our customers can trust in our brand and products. And it is an integral prospecting tool that demonstrates our commitment to voluntary transparent reporting and our continued dedication to local and global stewardship.
So this week, take action to add this critical tool to your prospecting plan. Add it to your Dulica8 Kit, bring it to every opportunity meeting and leave it with prospects so they can immerse themselves in the pages. To get extra copies today, click here.