Team V – January 2015: Make a Decision not a Resolution

Close your eyes and imagine where you were three years ago. Where did you live? How much income were you earning? How old were you? Now, ask yourself where you envision being three years from today. How much money do you want to be making? How old will you be turning?

Although you can’t change where you were three years ago, you can change where you are today, right now. And, more importantly, you can change where you’re headed in the year to come. Think about what it is you want to do most in 2015. Where do you want to be working or living? What limitations do you want to shatter?

2015 can be the year of many things for you, but one thing it can’t be is a year of complacency. As a group, Team V envisions this year to be the most exciting and fulfilling one yet for solar energy and for our team of Associates. We see people transforming their lives by choosing solar energy solutions through our network of distributors, benefiting from one of the most incredible advancements made in the energy industry.

How revolutionary has solar become? Just consider the fact the U.S. solar market grew 41 percent from Q32013 to Q32014, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association’s “Solar Market Insight Year in Review 2013.” In fact, Q32014 represented the second largest quarter ever for solar installations in the U.S., making solar the second-largest source of new electricity in the nation.

If this research is any indicator, 2015 is lined up to be the biggest year for solar in history.

We at Team V predict that peoples’ lives will change in 2015. If that’s a cause you want to get on board with and support—and in the process could generate more income, enhance your skill set and establish leadership—then joining Team V may be something worth looking into.

So who should join Team V? We’re looking for visionaries; for people who have a strong desire to succeed, who want a better life for themselves and those they love, and who are hungry to experience unlimited growth. If you want to have a platform that will give you access to this growth, we’re looking for you.

We believe that each and every one of our Associates is his or her own visionary, and we encourage them to establish their own presence and find their own voice. We truly believe we’re doing something special and unique here. We are pioneering an industry that some may not know about today but everybody will know about tomorrow. Solar is a slow yet very powerful revolution happening, and now is the time to get on board.

It’s not unlike being a surfer: You grab your board and paddle out into the water. Once there you sit and look behind you, eagerly waiting for that killer wave to ride. Once you see that wave rise to the surface, small at first but sure to grow, you begin paddling to align yourself perfectly. For us at Team V and Viridian, energy is a megatrend—it’s the wave you want to ride. We are in the beginning stages of a massive industry that is going to experience exponential growth in the near future…now is the time to be getting on your board before it’s too late.

So, what does 2015 mean for you? Don’t be afraid to close your eyes and envision the future and success that you deserve. Your goals are not as unattainable as you may have been led to believe. All you have to do is get on your board.

Who wants to go along for this ride?