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Teacher Tribute: Why Teachers are a Natural Fit


All month long, we’re celebrating teachers with our Teacher Tribute promotion. Now through May 31 June 30, teachers can enroll for the low fee of just $99.

Why teachers, you ask? Well for starters, they’re natural presenters!

“We’re educating the public that they have a choice in their energy supplier and that they can choose a more responsible energy solution. Teachers are natural educators and can excel at sharing the Viridian opportunity,” says Tom Braddock, Viridian Partner and a New Jersey middle school assistant principal.

A former teacher himself, Tom found Viridian to be an organic fit when he was seeking opportunities to earn extra income for himself and his family. He had a built-in warm network throughout the community and felt comfortable sharing the program with others and coaching new Associates. Professional development is also a main component of being a teacher. Similarly, Viridian Associates are regularly encouraged to attend events that provide both personal and professional development. Associates and teachers alike are continuous learners.

As Tom began to grow his business, he found he was able to earn supplemental income working around his busy schedule and spend quality time with his family. According to Tom, he knows when he needs to “put the pedal down” and work hard, but can also “take his foot off the gas” when he needs to. Building a business with Viridian offers that kind of flexibility for working professionals.

And with summer around the corner, many teachers are now looking for part-time work. With this promotion, they can seize this period to build their business and earn residual income.

Perhaps the most important reason why teachers are a natural fit for Viridian is because of their “why.” Teachers enter the education industry to make an impact on future generations. At Viridian, we too want to help future generations by leaving this planet better than we found it. Teachers have the skill, but more importantly the drive to inspire others to carry on the Viridian mission of bringing responsible energy to the masses.

Don’t miss this opportunity to spread the news about Viridian to educators in your warm network! Click here for more details.