Solarcity Partnership: Confirmation Of Who We Are As A Company: Part Two

There are so many things that are causing great buzz and electricity throughout our field—the momentum following the road tour, the recently concluded Leadership Retreat last weekend and, of course, the significant partnership that was forged with SolarCity, the no. 1 full service solar provider in the U.S.

Sure this partnership speaks volumes to the collective impact of Viridian. But, perhaps more importantly, it brings into focus the incredible sales force we have and how everything we have achieved—our mission, successes and milestones—is because of our remarkable field.

There is no doubt that we at Viridian believe in the solar market. We believe it’s a long-term, viable market. We believe that this partnership with SolarCity is the perfect product extension for our sales force because our value proposition from day one has been affordable green. But we also believe that our sales force is a key reason why SolarCity chose Viridian over hundreds of other similar companies as its partner to help spread the solar movement.

This partnership fits in perfectly with what we do, the community we have built, and the mission of our sales force. This partnership is all about you. It signifies how hard you work, how committed you are to our value proposition and how inspirational you have been to each person and company you touch. Your relationships and unwavering dedication speak to what we can accomplish as a company in the long term.

SolarCity saw something special in you, and you proved that you are worth it. As we shared last week, the Viridian sales force surpassed the first month sales performance of any other SolarCity reseller. What a truly remarkable feat. And what proof as to why they chose us.

So here’s to each and every one of you. This partnership propels Viridian forward in its constant quest for power with purpose. And it’s a partnership that was largely possible because of you.