Solar from a world-class brand is Viridian’s world-class opportunity

Viridian Retreat_Day 2_Web-329The only thing that could make it better would be if it came from a partner we already know and trust—a partner who is vested in our growth, believes in our mission and has supported our endeavors for years.

Of course, it’s no secret that “better” is what we’re getting. As we shared in last week’s VTalk, Crius Solar is our new solar partner. And like every proud member of the Crius Energy family of brands, it offers your customers the best of two worlds: a commitment to innovation and best-in-class product development, with the stability and security of being allied with one of America’s leading retail energy suppliers, more than 950,000 customers strong.

I’m so excited and proud to let you know how deeply committed Crius is to their new solar brand, and to us as their energy partner. Crius Solar is the outcome of a great investment of time, effort, thought and resources on both Crius and Viridian’s part, and the results are beginning to speak for themselves. Here’s what Crius Solar and Viridian have been working on behind the scenes over the past few weeks to improve your solar business:

  • Getting off on the right foot. Crius Solar is launching in the hottest solar markets in the country, including Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, California and parts of New York, with more expected later on this year.
  • Improved Associate tools and resources that make helping solar customers that much easier. Beginning today, all customer submission points will be updated to reflect only active and “coming soon” zip codes so that you can be confident when speaking with potential customers about our solar footprint. Also in the coming weeks, look for more accurate V Center Customer Status updates, a consolidated lead submission process, updated marketing materials including a new brochure and blitz card, and much more.
  • A dedicated Solar Advisor for every one of your customers. This was a mainstay of our solar business in the past, and rightly so. Rest assured that every Crius Solar Advisor is trained to be a true professional, prepared to courteously answer all of your customers’ questions and concerns, deal with all the paperwork, present customized proposals, and make every solar experience simple, pleasant and hassle-free. Our Crius Solar Advisors will take time to learn more about each customer’s home and identify the best possible solar solution.
  • A revamped team dedicated to your solar success. This includes the addition of Rob Angell as the channel manager between Viridian and Crius Solar. Rob comes to us from Verengo Solar, one of the nation’s major residential solar players, and is our “inside man” within Crius to ensure that Viridian Associates and customers are always a top priority. This guy means business, and he knows what it takes to make a solar venture thrive, starting with a foundation of great products and a stellar customer experience. He’s committed to creating and supporting both, and as your Solar Program Manager I’ll continue to give you my very best. Both Rob and I are 100% committed to the success of the Crius and Viridian Solar business, which means 100% committed to you.
  • Not to mention an awesome new logo!


And we are just beginning to scratch the surface. There are sunny days ahead, friends!