Robert A. McFadden: Sharing Viridian’s Five Core Beliefs with Our New Australian Associates


I came to Australia in January with the goal to extend our Viridian message to an international audience for the first time in our company’s history. I’m happy to announce that, six months later, Viridian’s message has truly been a hit here—down under!

Our success so far shows just what a difference six years can make in a business’s journey. The fine-tuning of our message and putting the right people in the right seats has enabled us to plant ourselves in this new soil and grow. For perspective, consider that when Viridian first launched in the U.S. back in 2009, it took us three months to enlist 500 Independent Associates. In Australia, we amassed 1,000 Associates in just under three weeks.

As I’ve taught and trained throughout my Viridian career, the success of our business stems from imbuing Associates with the spirit that lights the best of us. The ability to shine in the profession of relationship marketing comes from internalizing Viridian’s five core beliefs.

That’s why I consider it one of my personal missions to ensure Associates understand that, to be responsible sponsors, their real job starts—not ends—when their recruits join the business. This is the pivotal time when Associates either deepen their understanding of these core beliefs and make them their own or suffer the consequences.

Why is it so critical that Associates establish these beliefs early on? Consider that approximately 70 percent of people who start down the road of building a better future, using relationship marketing as their chosen vehicle, quit before they even get started! That is, they lose their resolve within the first few months in the business because this is when their belief is the lowest and their inexperience is the highest.

With that in mind, please share my mission to give ALL new Associates the support they deserve by instilling in them these five core beliefs:

Core Belief No. 1: Industry

I believe that the relationship marketing industry is the right vehicle for me. I believe that the industry can, in fact, produce and perform as stated. No matter my race, creed, gender or education level—or any other demographic (e.g., people with ponytails, blue eyes, blue hair or tattoos)—the industry will reward me if I believe that it can and will work for me if I work hard for it. I choose this industry because it is the vehicle that offers me unlimited earning potential if I work hard enough. I know that all work comes down to trading time for money, so I will maximize my potential income by working in this uncapped marketplace.

The belief in our industry’s unparalleled advantages is easy for me to sanction. After all, consider that even the best cashier on the planet will never earn more than $16 to $18 an hour, the best plumber never more than $60 to $80 per hour. Even doctors and lawyers have earning limitations; just add a zero, but their income is, nonetheless, capped.

Core Belief No. 2: Company

I believe that Viridian is the right company for me. I believe in its vision, mission and its core values. I believe that the corporate management team is fiscally responsible, and qualified to handle the financial side of growing and developing the business. I know Viridian has true staying power in the industry and will be here in a decade (and beyond) still paying out commissions. I firmly believe in this company that conducts sustainability projects around the world, donates one free solar unit to an underprivileged family for every 15 units it sells and, overall, strives to leave every place it visits better off than when it arrived.

I have plenty of evidence to support belief in our company. I was there when we hit over $200 million in gross revenue and our founder, Michael Fallquist, was still so fiscally conservative that he only reluctantly parted with his 10-year-old black Toyota Prius. In six short years, we’ve grown from nothing to $350 million in annual revenue and reached No. 53 on the list of the top 100 direct sales companies in the world. That’s one story that easily builds belief.

Core Belief No. 3: Product

I believe in the energy services Viridian sells: electricity, gas and solar. These are our products. I believe they offer compelling incentives for customers to buy from me, as they comprise a basic necessity for the electricity that powers our lives. I believe that, since they are not physical and don’t require an auto-ship for compensation, that our products offer a clear and distinct value. I believe in building a business around our offerings because responsible energy should always be in demand. Even more, I believe in our philosophy that promises to offset a minimum of 50 percent of the impact our customers will make on the environment through a menagerie of global actions. Our faith in Viridian’s good intentions are even backed by published audits, conducted by Ernst & Young, which further crystallise our belief in the services we sell. It’s not a blind faith we profess.

Can you believe in that kind of a product? Can you get onboard with a company whose auto-ship is an electricity bill? How ’bout one in which 100 percent of the people that you know—that like, love and trust you—also use your product, and don’t have to stockpile anything? I don’t care how bad the economy gets, people still have to buy your product.

Core Belief No. 4: Team

Belief in my Viridian team starts with me. I believe in the philosophy that I must lead even if I’m the only one following—even if I’m the only one on my team so far! I agree with the concept that leadership starts with action. I believe that leadership puts me at the front of the pack, pulling my Associates forward—not pushing them from behind. True leadership means that I am a beacon of light for my team, the one that leads them into battle. I believe that I must do everything that a successful Viridian Associate would do … take all the proper actions; then—and only then—will people follow my lead, and I will grow my team from one to two, to 10, to 100, to thousands.

Believe in a team that starts with you. Remember that people do what you do, not what you say.

Core Belief No. 5: You

I believe I deserve this—this industry, this company and its products, this team I’ll grow. I can do this! I believe in myself and my ability to launch a successful Viridian business.

Believing in yourself is the most important of Viridian’s five core beliefs. The other beliefs can be developed much more easily than can a belief in yourself. I work with our Associates on personal development and building self-esteem. Over time you develop a core understanding that, if you work hard enough, you deserve success.