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Gen V Resolutions: Doing Well By Doing Good in 2016


Partner Jeff Fitting has a New Year’s Resolution for his Viridian business: reinvigorate and rebuild.

For Jeff, 2016 is a clean slate and a chance to start fresh, but he’s not starting from scratch. He has been with Viridian since 2009, which means he has had plenty of years to set and achieve goals, overcome obstacles and grow.

With his recent trip to Peru alongside other passionate, committed Gen V leaders to fulfill Viridian’s promise to plant 5,000 trees as part of its Amazon Preservation Project, he believes he is already beginning to achieve his 2016 resolution.

“Going on this trip will absolutely enhance my belief in this company,” he said before the group departed. “It’s my first sustainability trip, and I know it’s going to blow me away. We’re doing our part and giving back.”

And in the next few months, he will continue to pursue that resolution by immersing himself fully in Viridian events like Accelerate in Texas on February 5. “The only way to get better is to keep perfecting your craft.”

He’s had obstacles along his path over the past several years, but he doesn’t doubt that this is the right path for him, though he acknowledges it’s not for everyone.

“You will see people you’ve coached and trained become disengaged,” he says. “And that’s OK. Let them choose a different path because in the end we only want those who will be around for the long haul.”

For Jeff, 2016 is all about being persistent and standing by your beliefs. “That’s what got you here and what’s going to get you through those setbacks,” he says. “I’m ready to grow, grow, grow in 2016!”

Just like Jeff, obstacles are no match for Viridian Associate Devica Padarathsingh. She believes that every obstacle has a solution, and that committing to do your best to achieve your goals is the first step. She has already taken that first step toward her 2016 goal: to rank up to Partner this year.

Devica is focused on Showing the Program and introducing more of her warm market to the Viridian opportunity. For her, it’s not just about her own growth and success; she’s focused on preserving our environment for future generations.

“I want to help everyone that I come in contact with begin to think more about the environment and going green,” she says.

Director TinaMarie Donatiello also aims to rank up to Partner in 2016, and refers to her resolution as “the golden ticket.” She says that setting daily goals and utilizing VCenter are integral to achieving her 2016 resolution.

“I need to excel and forge forward by keeping my belief and setting an example for my team and my future team members, and educating people about this unbelievable company.”

But TinaMarie believes setting smaller milestones are also a crucial part to ensuring success. Like many, TinaMarie says she has hit obstacles in her business – but that has not stopped her.

“You have to take it step by step. That’s how you build a concrete foundation.”

And for new Associates, TinaMarie suggests running a business with diligence, but having fun while doing it.

“You have to hit the ground running. We’re all in this world together, so let’s make it great together!”