Ralph Malek Joins the Viridian Millionaire’s Circle



To Ralph Malek, being inducted into the Millionaire’s Circle is an offshoot of the valuable lesson he learned from watching his parents as a child: If you work hard and pursue your dreams, eventually you will achieve them.

Ralph knew the value of hard work at a young age, and his drive led him to start his own businesses, including car washes and liquor stores. The businesses were (and still are) successful, but he never gave up searching for ways to diversify his portfolio. He was always interested in the network marketing industry, but the majority of businesses were product-based, and none of the products interested him. It wasn’t until a friend told him about Viridian that he seriously considered joining the movement. In fact, he recalls that, at one point, he had it narrowed down to a list of three potential companies.

He chose Viridian. “First of all, the compensation plan was great, and when you have no prior experience, you consider everything. The second attraction was the green energy concept. It was a great selling point, good for the environment, and good for promoting. None of the other companies had this niche. It was a home run in every aspect.”

Incidentally, he says, the two other companies he considered are now out of business.

Even if that hadn’t been the case, he has always known he made the right choice.

Ralph has now been with Viridian for almost six years, and he can honestly say that the rewards have been so much more than simply financial. “This is a personal relationship business,” he said. “Anybody I bring in, I try to cultivate relationships on a friendly basis, but also on other levels—an educational level, a business level and a spiritual level. Once you can get to the point where you can really create that relationship where the people want to hear what you have to say and are excited to nourish their own dreams, that’s precious.”

Ralph attributes much of his success to his ability to nurture relationships both new and old, a skill that he enjoys teaching to new Associates. “It helps when somebody shows you the way.” One of his favorite pieces of advice is to “make the training fun.” He says, “Base it on emotion. Ask [the other person]: What do you see yourself getting out of this?”

“Not everybody has to accept it. But the people who do, you take it to the next level—every level possible. Those are the people you make an effort to see once a week, or go out to dinner with. You want to know their wife’s name, their children’s names, their dog’s name, the colors of the walls inside their house, what car they drive and even their favorite restaurant. You need to know them at that level. It’s personal,” he emphasized.

When asked about his future goals, Ralph responded that he wants to continue to build a robust business with Viridian, but, he said, “My real goal is to see people win in life. It is critically important to me. My ultimate love for this business is renewed whenever somebody can say that their life was changed because I inspired them in some way.” Whether he cultivated and infused a sense of belief, a sense of morals, or a sense of excitement within their mind and body and soul to win, that’s the best feeling in the world. “Money can’t buy you everything. Something you cannot buy is the respect and the love of people. When you have that coming to you and it cost you nothing other than helping people and sharing the passion—that’s priceless.”

Having watched his own parents carve out a life for their young family of five as they moved from Egypt to the U.S. with virtually nothing in their possession, Ralph knows he wants to embody the same qualities of quiet determination and initiative to help his own three boys learn the same lesson he once learned. “If someone were to ask me how I was able to reach the Millionaire’s Circle, I’d say I was motivated because of who’s watching me—my kids.”