Introducing 5-Star Achievers Todd Miranda and Anthony Giaimo

New Five-Star Director Todd Miranda isn’t actually new to Viridian. He knew about the Viridian opportunity for a long time before he decided to come on board. In truth, a very long time.

“I’ve known Frank Marone, Joe O and Bob Q for many years—we were involved in a business together. It turned out to be not the right business, but it was the right business model—I learned that I liked and was good at network marketing. So they showed me Viridian when they first enrolled as Associates, but there were two strikes against it for me: I wasn’t that excited about energy, and I lived on Long Island, which wasn’t a Viridian market.”

At this point, Todd takes a minute to chuckle. “Of course, if I knew just how much money those three would end up making, I would have learned to like energy and moved back to New Jersey.”

But Todd had always believed in thinking and playing BIG—including a bid to buy the New York Jets. (His team’s offer came in at #3 out of 13—a very respectable showing.) So he politely declined Bob’s offer, but we all know you don’t say no to Q. Years later, when the phone rang again, Todd was ready to listen. “Are you sitting down?” asked Bob Q. “I’m about to change your life.”

“Travel Light immediately made sense to me,” Todd recalls. “And more important, I want to give people the opportunity to create whatever size income they want.”

The clincher was an hour-long conversation with Viridian CEO Paul Booth. The two men talked about the new Viridian, and did an Internet comparative pricing search before Travel Light went live. “I typed in the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami for a one-week stay, and saw it cost $4,138. With Travel Light, the price was $2,812—a savings of $1,326. I was all in at that point. And no market restrictions? WOW.”

For Todd, whose two life mottos are “Never Quit” and “Go Big”, “all-in” meant hard work—and lots of it. “I decided to spend an extra 6-8 hours a day on the phone contacting people I knew and sharing something I’m so passionate about: something that has the potential to change the life of everyone I talk to. I seek out the people who can run with this and see the potential I see—people who with hard work, patience and diligence have the potential to become Ambassadors someday.”

But even though Todd focuses on building a team, he’s always looking for ways to save people money through Travel Light. “I have a buddy who’s a chef and is always traveling. He stays in hotels at least 150 days a year. When we spoke, I told him that it was his lucky day—just think of how much money I can save this guy.”

Right now Todd is working with Travel Light’s concierge service to book a trip to Punta Cana for 20 friends. “But I’m sending an email out to thousands of people more. We may have three or four hundred on this trip by the time I’m done!” And Todd continues to build his team.

Five-Star achiever Anthony Giaimo is Todd’s great friend and was his fourth team member—a DJ who’s spent more than 30 years in the entertainment business, and sees Viridian as the way to take control of his life and help other people enjoy that freedom. “Tony is passionate, diligent and focused,” Todd said. “He can see his future with Viridian as a way to free up his time and his finances. He’s pounding the phone all the time; really working with people.”

“I absolutely love the entire makeup of Viridian and how it’s progressed,” Tony says. “When it comes to travel, I am a customer first and a Viridian Associate second. I will definitely travel this year with Travel Light, and have involved everyone in my life in this game changing opportunity to have more freedom and build wealth.”

“I fully expect Tony to become an Ambassador”, Todd sums up. “We have a little race going on to see who makes Ambassador first. But honestly, if he wins, good for him. If I’m lucky enough to get someone on my team who pulls ahead of me, more power to them!”