Paul Booth -- Top Reasons to Attend PowerUP! 2016: Get to Know Leadership

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I cannot believe that we are less than a month away from PowerUP! 2016. I have had the honor of attending PowerUP! in the past as a vendor of Viridian’s, but I can’t even describe to you how much I’m looking forward to being there as your new CEO.

I have such strong faith and confidence in this company, in its mission and in its people. I can’t wait to be in Washington, DC with all of you to celebrate everything that you’ve built and set our sights on an even brighter future together.

We’ve been sharing with you our Top Ten Reasons to Attend PowerUP! 2016 over the past several weeks, and it has been great to hear from some of our field leaders about their reasons to not miss the event. Though they are all equally solid reasons to make sure you are in a seat, I’m happy to bring you my personal favorite (and you’ll see why).

Our #4 Top Reason: Get to Know Leadership.

You can see why I like it so much! It means I get to meet so many of you, both rookie and veteran Associates, during an overwhelmingly positive, inspiring and just plain exciting weekend.

This past month or so has certainly been a whirlwind. I have loved hitting the road with some of our leadership and traveling to different cities and towns to your teams in person.

I appreciate that so many of you took the extra time to stop by as you were leaving these events to shake my hand, tell me your names and share your stories. I have loved putting faces to names and learning both individual and collective histories.

Viridian’s new and exciting developments have released some of the pressure that being a publicly traded company can produce. Now, as a private company, we can shift our focus fully onto you, the Associates, and transition into a network marketing company that offers incredible products and services that will broaden our ability to make an even greater collective impact.

Meeting all of you further instills in me the appreciation I have for this business and everything you do every day to succeed. That is distinctly why I can’t wait for September 30th to get here so we can all join together to support our common cause.

I am bursting at the seams with excitement to meet more of you in person and share with you my boundless vision for Viridian.

Your stories, your strengths and your Whys come to together to contribute to my Why—all of you.

Take this time leading up to PowerUP! 2016 to fully engage in your business. Stay focused. Stay informed. Motivate your teams. Ask questions. DIVE IN.

This year’s event will be like no other and I can’t wait to see you all there.