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Associate Spotlight October 2012
Massachusetts Associate Michael Copperwhite certainly knows a thing or two about the expression “Good things come to those who wait.”

Copperwhite’s journey began in January 2011, after his high­end steak and seafood home delivery company had taken a hit in the sputtering economy. While looking for another source of income, he heard about Viridian from an old friend, Pennsylvania­based Director Jimmy Boucher.

Boucher introduced Copperwhite to his mentor, Joe Occhiogrosso, and soon after Copperwhite attended an opportunity meeting hosted by Occhiogrosso in Jersey City, New Jersey.

“I recall it was a cold night, but what Joe had to say really warmed me up” Copperwhite said.

Seizing the Viridian opportunity, Copperwhite enrolled and began attending every meeting and presentation he could find. He found that the more he learned, the better he was able to make successful pitches to prospective Associates and start building his team. Once his home state of Massachusetts launched this past June, Copperwhite hit the ground running and his business really took off.

“The Summer Sizzler Director Rank­Up Promotion was a great motivator for me,” he said. “I saw the benefits of striving to reach a new goal, as well as the opportunity to earn incentive bonuses as well.”

Copperwhite surpassed his goal, and reached Director rank in August, crediting his upline of Joe O. and Frank Marone for their guidance and encouragement.

“They’ve really been amazing, and we’ve built a solid friendship,” he said. “They’re really good people.”

Having learned what it takes to succeed in Viridian, Copperwhite has set the sky as his limit, literally.

“One of my big ‘Whys’ is to be financially secure enough to eventually get my private pilot’s license,” he said. “It’s a goal I fully intend to reach.”

For the short term, Copperwhite intends to reach Senior Director before the end of October, and then continue setting new milestones and goals for himself.

“I’m just thrilled that this company exists doing so many good things for environment,” he said. “They have also wrapped it up as an opportunity for me, the average Joe Citizen, to grow and succeed with it. You can’t ask for more than that.”