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RFP Spotlight January 2012
Take a souring economy and challenging business opportunities; add in a family with eight kids and a dad who wants to do right by them and their parochial school, and you have the perfect recipe for success with Viridian’s Residual Fundraising Program.

Those were just a few of the issues that prompted New Jersey Senior Director Shawn Gallic to enroll with Viridian nearly two years ago.

“I’d always help in some fashion to raise money for St. Vincent de Paul elementary school in Stirling, NJ, where my kids go,” Gallic said. “[Platinum Partner] Jim Kenny and I send our kids to the same school, and he brought up the idea of utilizing Viridian’s RFP to help raise funds for the school. Once Jim explained what Viridian was all about, and how I could earn residual income for the school and my family, I was in.”

Gallic enrolled as an Associate in March 2010, and by that fall was ready to launch the RFP at the school. After approval from the school’s pastor and fundraising committee, he announced the program to the school’s parents at back­to­school night.

“The program was a big hit, and we’ve kept the momentum going by using an email list to keep the RFP top of mind with parents, students and faculty,” he said. “We send out an email quarterly, and try to tie it in with local or timely news, to broaden the impact.”

For example, when last year’s tsunami and nuclear meltdown hit Japan, Gallic mentioned it in his newsletter, alluding to the benefit of using Viridian’s locally produced green energy as a safer, cleaner alternative to nuclear power. “We use the emails to raise awareness of what we’re doing, letting recipients know how they can help.”

Gallic also tries to time his newsletters to go out over three­day weekends, reasoning that his audience will be more relaxed, with more time to read the message. In his email sent over the Dr. Martin Luther King holiday, Gallic pointed out that his New Jersey Viridian customers enjoyed an average of 5% savings last year, and noted what their participation meant to the school itself and the local economy.

Expanding his efforts in the RFP arena, Gallic also recently launched a similar program at the Watchung Hills (NJ) Regional High School, sponsored by St. Vincent de Paul, helping the school raise $2,000 so far. “As more people become aware of how easy this is, more people are enrolling,” he said.

Coming up, Gallic and his team will be tying in their activities and efforts with a number of mailings during April’s Earth Month celebration.

“Each email blast is tracked through email software to see how effective it is, and to enhance the next mailing. This allows us to see if we’re reaching our parents and whether they’re reading the emails or not,” said Gallic. “Our goal is to broaden our message, to take it into the school kids’ environmental committees and groups.”

Gallic is also looking to expand his RFP work into two other area schools, one parochial and one public. “There’s no end to how far we can take this,” he added.

Besides his work with Viridian, Shawn Gallic has a full­time custom upholstery and drapery business, but he said his goal now is to make that business his hobby. When the economy was on a downturn a few years back, he was looking for supplemental income while waiting for the recovery, but that focus has changed.

“What’s happening with Viridian’s residual income program and RFP is outstanding,” Gallic said. “I now have more than 3,000 customers in my PCC. My goal is to reach the Partner rank within the next three months. Viridian has opened new doors and new opportunities during a rather bleak economic forecast!”