New Year’s Resolutions + Success Formula = Proven Outcomes

It’s that time of year in which we make specific New Year’s resolutions, both personal and professional promises, for a better year. But did you know that only 8 percent of people actually achieve their New Year’s resolutions? And one of the biggest reasons people fail to turn resolutions into realities is that they don’t understand the success formula.

I believe that it looks something like this …
Dream → Goals → Actions → Results → Success

Let’s start with a common resolution to see how the formula can work. A resolution for many is to lose weight. So let’s say your dream is to lose 20 pounds in six months. All too often, people skip right to the action—like joining a gym, throwing away the junk food and keeping a food journal. But, because you skipped the step of setting goals (which may be “I won’t drink soda” or “I will go to the gym every day”), your results won’t be what you want. Instead, you may find yourself cheating while you are out with friends or continually putting off your workout.

Suddenly, because your dream seems out of reach, you’ll change the dream (OK, I’ll only lose five pounds), instead of realizing that all you had to do in the first place was set realistic short- and long-term goals.

If you stop and think about it, the only way to achieve success is to follow the formula. Action doesn’t come from dreams; it comes from goals.

So how does this relate to your direct selling business?

Typically, people will tell you that direct sales is a four-year business. Taking that concept and applying it to your life in general means that when you sit down to evaluate your success, you need to look back four years, figuring out where you were one year ago, two years ago, etc. Then look at where you are today. I would say that 99 percent of the time people come to direct sales because they are not happy with their lives—at least not where they are currently. Everybody is looking for something—more time, better health, financial freedom or personal development—more success than what they could accomplish on their own.

As you examine what you want to achieve, use the formula, and remember that life is all about progression. You are either progressing or digressing; you can’t stand still. So, when you get ready to implement the success formula, figure out where you want to see yourself 12 months from now. We know the model works; it’s been proven within our own company with the success stories reached by Generation V. That’s the great thing about this formula. We don’t have to wonder if we can run the four-minute mile. It’s already been ran.

So today, write down a dream that is personal to you for our business. It can’t be your upteam’s dream; it has to be your dream and relatable to your life. Make it a dream that will be meaningful to you or you won’t find success in this business 12 months from now.

Once your dream is outlined, don’t forget to set your goals. Often the reason people skip the goals step is because they are not setting goals that are true to their dream. To be successful in direct sales you have to treat it like any other business—and that sometimes means completing critical steps that are not all that fun, like putting yourself out there to show the program. So, for optimal victory, don’t shy away from setting those decisive goals.

I’ll leave you with a great sentiment from John Maxwell, author of the powerful book “Put Your Dream to the Test.” Maxwell argues that disappointment is the gap between people’s dreams and their realities. The success formula, to me, is that bridge in your life—spanning the gap between dreams and realities so you don’t have disappointments.

So what is your dream?